disney subliminal messages

Five Disney Subliminal Messages You Won’t Believe Are Real!

When it comes to the Disney Subliminal Messages, there will almost certainly never be a consensus on how people should feel about them. Hidden messages on adult-oriented websites, such as those found on kasyna bez depozytu, are one of the things that personally amuse me and make me grin.

The thing is as follows: The animators merely wanted to have a little bit of fun with the Disney subliminal messages (trying to smuggle something hidden that is really improper into a children’s film).

Disney Subliminal Messages

However, the fact that these animated films have a rating of “U” indicates that they are suitable for all audiences. In any case, they are either the product of the spectators’ imaginations or Disney’s attempt to stick it to the man.

All of these vintage movies are, of course, available online in this day and age.

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The Little Mermaid: The Phallic Palace

The name “The Phallic Palace” comes from the fact that one of the spires of the castle appears to be shaped like a male genitalia, as seen in some versions of “The Little Mermaid.”

After learning of his impending layoff, it was stated that an irate artist attempted to smuggle in the phallic as a means of exacting his vengeance on his former employer.

Disney Subliminal Messages

Since then, the artists have indicated that he was not in danger of losing his job and that the cover was due to a time frame he had to adhere to — the coincidence of the similarity was apparently purely unlucky.

The Lion King: Thong Front Cover

In 2002, the movie “The Lion King” was shown in theaters once again, although only for a limited time. The first three days of the film’s run in theaters brought in a total of $1,825,849 (or 1,385,481 pounds), making it a financial success.

Disney Subliminal Messages

The character Simba is shown in the movie poster in a way that appears to be pretty harmless at first glance. But when you look at it more closely, does it appear to be a female who is just partially clothed and is wearing what appears to be a thong?

Is either a very carefully veiled message planted by Disney, or simply an excessive number of people with filthy minds?

Tangled: Hidden Word S-E-X

Tangled, a highly awaited film from Disney was finally released in 2010, and one of the promotional posters for the film had the initials S, E, and X! The poster for the film, which featured characters like as Flynn, Rapunzel, Maximus, and Pascal, at first appeared to be a “fun” rendition of the film; yet, upon closer inspection, it appeared to be another instance of the Lion King.

Another one that occurred as a result of the imaginations of the audience, or just another hidden message by Disney? Whatever the case may be, what were the odds that all three initials would be present?

The Lion King: Sex Message

When Simba, Pumbaa, and Timon are chilling out, staring at the sky while sitting on a cliff in The Lion King, there is a cloud of dust that forms just after the halfway point of the movie.

If you look closely, the recently formed dust cloud almost appears to spell out the letters S-E-X. Some people believe that the hidden message is supposed to spell S-F-X because it was added by an organization that specializes in special effects.

Aladdin: Good Teenagers, Take Off Your Clothes

During the scene in which Aladdin uses his magic carpet to fly up to Jasmine’s balcony and is greeted by Jasmine’s tiger Rajah, there is a background voice that can be faintly heard saying, “Good teenagers, take off your clothes.”

It will be necessary for you to turn the volume up, since it will be difficult to hear without it. Since then, Disney has stated that the original draft for Aladdin suggests that he should have said “C’mon…good kitten.” In that scene, they said, “Take off and go.” The question is, why did you have him whisper it?

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