Demands urgent action for poor countries

Environmentalists continue to protest on a rainy day in Glasgow, Scotland, demanding urgent action to tackle the global climate crisis. They continued their protests on Saturday in solidarity with the global program on the climate crisis. From the protests, they are complaining that there is a lack of urgent measures to prevent global warming at the UN climate conference.

Dozens of cities around the world, from Paris to Sydney, from Nairobi to Seoul, also witnessed protests yesterday, the AFP news agency reported. These programs call for urgent action for the communities affected by climate change, especially the poorer countries in the south.

Protests and police said that they could gather 50 thousand protesters around the Cop 26 conference center. Security was tightened in the city surrounding the protests.

Delegates from about 200 countries have joined the Glasgow conference to push for global warming to be limited to 1.5 degrees to 2 degrees under the Paris Agreement.

Half the time of the 12-day Cop Conference has already passed. So far, several countries have signed pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Several countries have pledged to reduce methane emissions and cut off funding for fossil fuels, with separate agreements to phase out the use of coal.

However, environmentalists could not be satisfied with these announcements. Meanwhile, Swedish environmentalist Greta Thunberg has called the COP 28 climate conference a failure. He made the remarks while attending a protest rally on the city streets last Friday. Criticizing the conference as a two-week business celebration, Greta said, “Blah, blah, blah.”

Thousands protested in Glasgow, urging world leaders to act swiftly in response to the state of emergency, AFP reported. Greta Thunberg, a Swedish environmental activist, joined the protest. Addressing thousands of protesters, he said the failure of the COP-27 conference was not unknown. It can no longer be called a climate conference; Rather, it is nothing more than a public festival in the name of protecting the environment. Greta also joked that the climate conference was a celebration of green removal.

Greta thinks that the world leaders at the conference are more focused on protecting business interests than on reducing carbon emissions. The conference is basically a two-week business celebration for the countries.

“World leaders cannot ignore scientific calculations, they cannot avoid us,” Thunberg lamented. They are leading in this way. ‘

“World leaders are holding a conference to determine our present and our future,” said Valentina Ruas, a 16-year-old protester. But right now we are in a climate crisis. If their climate policy is not really for climate protection, then I will not accept it. ‘

Many students were also seen supporting the protesters. Students arrived with various placards. The placard reads, “Climate change is worse than housework.”

At the start of the COP 26 conference, high-level leaders from more than 100 countries pledged to reduce methane emissions by at least 30 percent this decade. However, experts say that it will not be possible to reduce global warming in the long run.

Environmentalists complain that polluting rich countries have always failed to keep their promises.

Environmentalist Vanessa Nakate said yesterday that the people of her homeland Uganda are in dire straits due to the effects of climate change. “People are dying, children are dropping out of school, farms are being destroyed,” he said.