DC Studios is hosting an event for the announcement of new films

DC Studios is hosting an event for the announcement of new films

DC Studios’ Co-CEO James Gunn is hosting an auspicious event with the press for the announcement of new films on Tuesday, January 31, at 12 PM EST.

By the end of January, James Gunn has vowed to give fans a glimpse into the DC Universe’s future.

One way or another, a new slate of DC movies will get revealed. Will there be a whole “Phase” of DC films? Will there be a new Superman unveiled? Or will it just be a general outline of how the blue brand will seem under new management?

Since being announced as the new leaders of DC Studios, Gunn and Peter Safran have been the subject of all of the above inquiries.

With just one day left in January, the new DC slate of motion pictures and television series will get unveiled, making the future of the DC Universe more evident than ever.

What will be the future of DC Studios?

Insider KC Walsh has disclosed that DC Studios will have a “secret press event”  on January 30, where trade reporters (i.e., journalists from publications like The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, The Wrap, etc.) will be given the launch strategy for the new film and television slate of DC Studios.

Today, on  January 31, these trades will prepare breakdown articles and then report on them as part of a public announcement.

Insider Borys Kit of The Hollywood Reporter backed up this allegation by stating that he and his crew are “on the case.”

Even The Wrap’s Umberto Gonzalez shared a picture of himself entering the Warner Bros. parking lot for the event on his own Instagram.

So anticipate lifting the embargo tomorrow morning, along with information about DC Films’ future. It might cover anything from a single film they are working on to thoroughly examining their coveted ten-year plan.

What Declarations Are DC Studios Going to Make?

DCU's Co-CEO, James Gunn
Source: Twitter

The DC devotees have been waiting for this day for a long time. It is a chance for DC supporters who got dissatisfied with the trajectory of the DCEU to start over. That is a sad day for DCEU followers as they bid farewell to their favorite franchise.

The DC Universe on the large and small screens is getting rebooted; new start with this. A radical departure from the Warner Bros. Discovery/Zack Snyder story of the previous ten years, James Gunn was hired.

Gunn and seasoned producer Peter Safran must create a new DC Universe to compete in the franchise IP market.

New Dc Studios Films and  casts will be announced
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Before this begins, there are so many unanswered questions. Do they have to recast EVERYONE? Who is staying if not? Will it connect to the Joaquin Phoenix or Matt Reeves’ The Batman movies? WHO IS PERFORMING AS SUPERMAN?

Not to mention which films, television programs, and characters will open this new blue brand chapter.

Nobody knows how many of these queries will receive an answer during this first DCU announcement. However, looking beyond the remaining DCEU films that haven’t been released, there will finally be some certainty regarding DC Movies’ future.

History is watching you, James Gunn.

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