"Daisy Jones and The Six" Ep. 9 Recap: Daisy makes small steps toward Sobriety

“Daisy Jones and The Six” Ep. 9 Recap: Daisy makes small steps toward Sobriety

Everything hit its lowest point at the end of Daisy Jones & The Six first season’s  Episode 8 when Daisy ( portrayed by Riley Keough) overdosed. 

The singer would have been left to die by Nicky, her husband, if it weren’t for Rod (Timothy Olyphant) and  Billy (Sam Claflin)  coming in at the appropriate time. 

Daisy discovers that she needs to change after removing the drugs from her system to keep going after her aspirations. She manages her addiction with Billy’s assistance and begins to plan for the future—specifically, her future relationship with Billy.

Daisy Jones and The Six, first seasons’ Episode 9 Review

Daisy awakens the morning after taking too much in Episode 9, “Feels Like the First Time,” with Nick (Gavin Drea) by her bedside. Daisy rejects his attempt to reassure her by implying that what happened the previous evening was harmless entertainment.

She instead goes to Billy’s room and knocks on the door, pleading for the truth. She is outraged when he tells her everything, including that Nick wasn’t present then.

By the time Daisy exits Billy’s room, her husband pleads with her to forgive him, but Daisy feels unable to stay with someone who would have abandoned her to perish in the shower rather than phoning for assistance.

Daisy Jones
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After removing Nick from her life, the singer notices that despair is setting in as her feelings are more intense. She now begins to question whether her goal of becoming a well-known musician was worth it. 

Daisy visits Billy’s tour van after one of The Six’s performances, where they had an open discussion about her battle with addiction and how sad it made her feel that his warning signs were accurate. Daisy ends up sleeping in Billy’s tour bus rather than returning to her own with the rest of the band.

Daisy questions why, despite having all she could ever want, she yet feels sad. She expresses her regret that Billy spared her life and how he was correct about Nicky.

Daisy and Billy
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Despite all the bad luck, the band is still performing at its best. Daisy Jones and The Six have received Grammy nominations and have had the chance to perform on Saturday Night Live.

Daisy Jones and The Six have received Grammy nominations and have had the chance to perform on Saturday Night Live. Daisy panics over forgetting her medicines as the ensemble prepares to perform at Saturday Night Live.

Billy notices her fear and persuades her to perform on stage without any help from drugs. The band performed “Aurora,” which is another standout performance. 

They attend an after-party where Teddy (Tom Wright) and an actress who drew to Warren are present after the presentation (Sebastian Chacon).

The good times fade when Teddy gets admitted to the hospital for a heart issue near the celebration’s conclusion.

Daisy Jones and The Six
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When Teddy awakens, everything is back to normal. Not for long, though. To avoid being publicly seen with Bernie (Ayesha Harris), Simone (Nabiyah Be) obtains a contract with a record label. Their relationship gets strained due to Simone choosing to put her desire to become a disco star ahead of Bernie.

In Pittsburgh, what occurs?

In Pittsburgh, the band receives a hero’s welcome upon their return. They get together with their family and prepare for their most significant performance. Before the show, the band gathers with friends and family, including running into their former bassist Chuck.

As Camila and Daisy reconnect, the latter immediately picks up on Karen’s pregnancy. After discussing babies with Daisy the following evening, she asks Billy if he wants a second child. Billy is eager to welcome a new child.

Afterward, Karen is too exhausted to party because of the consequences of her pregnancy. Karen had an abortion when she and Camila visited the doctor the following day.

Simone decides to separate from Bernie and put her relationship with music first.

The Ending

The day after, Billy and Daisy chat before Billy leaves for his next tour. Daisy says she loves Billy and wishes she could be with him. Billy acknowledges his want to be with her despite having a wife and family. He insists he won’t abandon Camila.

Over time, the two vocalists reach the point where their foreheads contact. Billy acknowledges that he cannot be emotionally involved with Daisy despite talking about spending his entire life with her and recording ten more albums with her.

Billy questions Daisy about whether or not that is sufficient.

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