Clark Drum Net Worth: A look at the Net Worth of a Clark!

The real estate market in the United States is well-known for Clark Drum. As a Fort Lauderdale luxury waterfront property real estate agent, he spends a lot of time in the area. What distinguishes him from other riverside real estate agents is his extensive understanding of Caribbean, South Florida, and the Florida Keys riverfront properties.

Our search for Clark Drum’s early life yielded few findings, although a great deal about him is available online. In spite of all that, we were able to acquire as much information from the different sources as we could Let’s get this biographical sketch started, shall we?

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Clark Drum Birth:

Clark’s online biography is at best sparse. When it comes to his personal life, he comes across as a guy who takes great care to keep it secret. His birth date is unclear at this time. Looking at his images, it’s clear he’s at least in his twenties at the very least.

Clark grew up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he was born and reared. A White ethnicity resulted from this, making him a US citizen. In terms of his ancestry, his grandpa and father were also accomplished entrepreneurs and businesspeople. Three siblings: Cole Drum, Olivia and Sophie Drum, and Cole Drum.


West Point sprang to mind when Clark was asked to describe his educational experience, and he stated that it was his first option. As a recent University of Alabama graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management, he is well-suited for this role.

Clark Drum’s Biography: Clark Drum

Clark is a licenced associate with Fort Drum Realty, making him the fourth member of his family to hold this position. As of 2014, he has been on the University of Alabama’s recruiting team. From 2017 to 2018, Drum worked as a quality assurance analyst for the NFL’s player stats (NFL).

In addition, Clark began working as a multimedia marketing manager for Murphy O’Brien LLC in 2019. As a salesperson in Fort Lauderdale, he was forced to return to Florida by his family’s business. Kitsom Yachts, the company he started, employs Clark as a sales agent.

Clark Drum’s name is Clark Drum. Is There Someone You’re Dating?

Though he hasn’t exchanged vows, Clark isn’t quite ready to call himself a married man. Clark, on the other hand, is now interested in dating Siesta Key actress Juliette Porter. It wasn’t long before she was back together with Sam Logan after their split. Clark and Juliette initially met during the nuptials of fellow Siesta Key actors Madison and Ish, who played the couple.

In a heartwarming Instagram post on Saturday night, Juliette Port shared a picture of herself and @madissonhaus and ishsoto1 together. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your wonderful day.”

Assets That Can’t Be Touched

Clark Drum

Clark Drum’s financial information, including his earnings and net worth, has not been made public at this time, according to reports in the media. It is reported that Drum Realty, the family-owned real estate firm, is quite profitable. By the year 2022, his net worth is predicted to exceed $500 million, with a yearly salary of close to $100 million.

Facebook, Twitter, and Other Popular Social Media Sites

For his part, Clark maintains a robust online presence. For example, he has 30 Instagram posts and 25.2k followers. It’s regrettable that we were unable to locate his Twitter and Facebook profiles. He most certainly has a hidden financial account to keep the reporters at bay.

A Person Weight in Relation to their Height (BMI)

Mr. Clark Drum’s average height is five feet seven inches, or approximately one hundred seventy centimetres. At around 60 kilogrammes, he has a well-defined body and an athletic build (132 lbs). Also, he is 6’2″ and has a waist circumference of 28″ and biceps that measure 14″ in diameter. In contrast to Clark, who has the same warm brown eyes and brown hair as you, you