Chris Smith apologizes for misbehaving at the Christmas party.

Chris Smith apologizes for misbehaving at the Christmas party.

Chris Smith, the host of Sky News, has apologized for his “humiliating” behavior at the Sky network’s Christmas party over the weekend, blaming it on his drinking and mental health issues.

On Sunday, the 60-year-old broadcaster was placed on paid leave from his positions with Sky and 2GB while an internal inquiry into the incident was ongoing.

According to reports, Smith met up with coworkers at the Ivy Sunroom at noon on Saturday for the formal luncheon before continuing to the Establishment, a posh bar in the Sydney Central Business District.

Following a series of allegedly inappropriate remarks by Smith that brought one of his coworkers to tears, celebrations went terrible.

Source: Twitter

Apology of Chris Smith

Smith was heartbroken that his obscene actions at the Christmas party offended the women he drove home in tears.

Chris Smith, a Sydney-based Sky News broadcaster who was “beyond heartbroken” by his actions and left his female coworkers in tears, apologized to them by adding, “This is not the man I am.”

Smith claimed that part of the behavior was due to a persistent drinking issue, and he admitted the fact saying, “It makes me manic.”

Chris Tweeted: ” I can only aspire to be a model citizen like you. I have flaws like so many. But over the past decade, I have nailed my alcohol & mental health problems & am extremely proud of where I’m at, as are those who love me. Drop the grudge.”

Source: Twitter

Smith also apologized to his family for his behavior, saying he felt pride in himself for his professionalism and worked ethically.

” but I have dropped the ball and embarrassed many people, including those I love most- my family. I’m very sorry.”

Before being taken off the air, Smith was set to lead a 5 o’clock weeknight program on Sky News Australia starting in 2023.

His position on the Sky News program Theo Smith A repeat of Piers Morgan Uncensored quickly took the place of this on Sunday night.

Additionally, he was relieved of his duties standing in for broadcaster Ben Fordham on a 2GB breakfast show over the holiday break; the show was scheduled to resume on Monday.

Smith’s misbehavior is not a new fact

Several charges of inappropriate behavior against women at social gatherings led to his suspension in the past.

He was fired from the Macquarie Radio Network in 2009 following claims made by female coworkers that he had inappropriately touched another woman at a different Christmas party, this one held by 2GB.

In the late 1990s, Current Affair sacked him as a producer after he exposed himself to two female coworkers at a party.

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