Chris Rock: Selective Outage may address the Oscars slap incident

Chris Rock: Selective Outage may address the Oscars slap incident

In his upcoming stand-up special on Netflix on March 4, comedian Chris Rock will likely discuss getting smacked by actor Will Smith during the Oscars presentations last year.

One week before the Oscars, Chris Rock’s live Netflix special will premiere, the streaming service announced Tuesday.

It was boosting hopes that the comedian may discuss the horrifying incident in which he got slapped by Will Smith at last year’s Hollywood awards ceremony.

Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscar ceremony
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The first-ever live event to get broadcast on Netflix will be Chris Rock: Selective Outrage this coming Saturday night.

The event will get followed by pre- and post-show entertainment, including stars like Sir Paul McCartney, Amy Schumer, Jerry Seinfeld, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Netflix made no comments regarding the content of Rock’s main event, but the comedian has spent most of the past year doing stand-up routines about “The Slap” in front of crowds worldwide.

In March of last year, in response to Rock’s joke about the precisely trimmed hair of Smith’s alopecia-suffering wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, the actor walked onto the Oscars stage and smacked the comedian across the face.

The LAPD asked Rock at the time whether he wanted to report Smith, but he declined, and he hasn’t spoken out about it since outside of his stand-up performances.

After the historical incident, the comedian has been silent and has only made passing references to it.

In 2016, Rock agreed to a 40 million dollar contract with Netflix to develop two comedy shows for the service. The first special in the two-part series was Tamborine, aired in February 2018, and Chris Rock: Selective Outrage will be its conclusion.

Netflix's comedy show Chris Rock: Selective Outrage
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According to Chris Rock: Selective Outrage, the first live event will be streamed on Netflix. Users can rewind, pause, and leap to live during the streaming, according to the streaming platform.

Millions of consumers have switched to Netflix from traditional broadcast television, the top streaming service in the world, but last year saw its first subscription losses.

The business has been experimenting with several new models, including live content, and has resumed growth.

The streaming service already runs a live comedy festival in Los Angeles at around 35 venues, but those performances still need to be streamed in real-time on its website.

A significant pre-Oscars Hollywood award presentation: The Screen Actors Guild Awards will start airing live on Netflix the following year.

Many sources state that the corporation is considering putting live sports on its site. Competitors like Amazon Prime Video and  Disney+  already provide live sporting and musical events.

Rock’s comedy special on Saturday will be his second for Netflix following the previously filmed 2018 Chris Rock: Tamborine.

Chris Rock breaks the internet to admit that he just went to the movie “Emancipation” to witness Will Smith get spanked.

As their notorious Oscars altercation anniversary approaches, Chris Rock and Will Smith are in the news again.

Smith made his first award show appearance since the assault this week, and Rock allegedly practised some of the material for his upcoming Netflix special this week.

At a performance on Friday (Feb. 17) at the Hippodrome Theatre in Baltimore, Rock didn’t hold back as he candidly discussed Smith’s marriage and the slap in question.

The comedian reportedly said he watched Emancipation the other day to watch him (Will Smith) be whipped.

Various rumours indicate Rock has been making jokes about this throughout his Ego Death tour, even though he hasn’t addressed it publicly. Chris Rock: Selective Outrage, his upcoming Netflix stand-up special, his way of practising material.

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