Chris Evans gonna settle down with GF Alba Baptista

Chris Evans gonna settle down with GF Alba Baptista

Chris Evans, a celebrated Marvel actor and 2022s ‘People’s Sexiest Man Alive,’ reportedly dating Alba Baptista, a beautiful Portuguese actress, for a year. After being an eligible bachelor for years, 41-year-old Captain America finally confirmed his relationship with Baptista.

For those who don’t know, Alba started her career at 16, making her acting debut in the Warrior Nun drama series on Netflix. Alba represented the lead character, Ava. She also appeared in Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris in 2022 and other more Portuguese motion pictures and television programs.

Portuguese, French, Spanish, English, and German are among the five languages in which the actress is believed to be conversant. The actress received the Berlin International Film Festival’s Shooting Star Award in 2021. Along with her talent, Alba has made substantial contributions to the humanitarian cause, focusing on education in a Cambodian orphanage in 2018.

 Chris Evans and his GF Alba Baptista
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Chris Evans shared an adorable video on Instagram stories with Alba Baptista

On January 6, 2023, the actor posted several adorable videos on his Instagram stories, revealing that he had been dating Alba for a year. To show the couple scaring each other as they entered a room that seemed empty throughout the year before, or 2022, eight different videos were mixed.

See this Instagram post to see proof of Chris Evans’ connection to Alba Baptista:

When did the couple first spot together?

There were rumors that the MCU star had seen the 25-year-old actress for at least a year in November last year. On November 10, Page Six released multiple images of the couple, showing them walking hand in hand around Central Park while donning matching face masks and sunglasses.

Chris Evans & Baptista
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The Avengers Star is absolutely ready to settle down

According to a source cited by Elle, the rumored couple were in love and took their relationship seriously at the time. The insider also said that Chris had never been happier and that Chris Evan’s family and friends adored Alba. Only today, when Chris and his girlfriend made their Instagram account official, the pair provided formal confirmation.

Although they had been mutual followers on Instagram for a while, they had never uploaded any photos together. If their social media activity is examined, Chris has acted like a genuinely devoted boyfriend since he started liking his girlfriend’s posts in October 2022.

The couple’s Instagram 2022 highlights show that they spend a lot of time in the Boston home of the MCU star, while it is unclear if Alba lives with Chris or not.

Amwrican Actor Chris Evans
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Chris appears to be ready to be married again, as we overheard him discussing his desire to find the ideal partner earlier. The Knives Out actor expressed his desire to marry, have children, and start a family in an interview for People’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2022.

Is Chris Evan a perfect romantic partner?

Chris stated that he had realized he was too old to live out of a suitcase for six months and was content to be at home after a lengthy career of 41 years. He has emphasized the importance of having a family. The actor further explained that he adores the concept of tradition and ceremony. Chris has experienced a lot of both during his life.

He can therefore come up with no better option than to do that for himself. The Sunshine actor also believes that, compared to his younger years, he is now a “far better” love partner.

Chris’s past experiences have given him an excellent knowledge of where to grow and improve. The actor has dated several celebrities, including Jessica Biel, Kate Bosworth,  Minka Kelly, and Jenny Slate.

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