Career Options for Norwegian Translators

Working in the translation industry is very rewarding. It is more so rewarding for individuals with extraordinary vocabulary prowess and linguistic talents. You don’t need to be hired by a translation company to be considered a translator. Consider taking the following routes to build a career as an independent translator.

Medical interpreters

Translators are significantly required in the medical and industry. Because of the pandemic, the health sector has been under immense strain. With international patients being admitted to the COVID units, translators can help translate symptoms or state of progress. They can also communicate the health progress or any unfortunate news to their family.

However, for medical translators to be hired, they should have an incredible knowledge of terms and terminologies used in caring sciences. They must also know pharmaceutical information, medical conditions, and patent particulars to assist doctors and researchers. The quality of translation can affect the level of care and quality of services provided to the patients.

Legal interpreters

Another career route to take for translators involves judicial interpreters. These Norwegian translators are usually hired in the immigration department to help international escapees or asylum seekers. Furthermore, these translators are present in deposition hearings, arraignments, and bail hearings as well.

They work similarly to medical translators. Legal interpreters must also know to translate complicated terms, which are crucial for a fair justice system to prevail. Of course, it also helps the plaintiffs see a familiar face. These translators advocate for people who cannot properly speak English or the home language in the detained country.

Social interpreters

Community translators are present within the community without being so obvious. These translators are hired in schools, local organizations, and municipal and federal agencies. These translators aid in parent-teacher conferences, public meetings, and other community environments. This route is perfect for translators who seek an active societal route in the community.

Continuing with forms of interpreters, conference interpreters operate in a more business-like setting. These translators are hired to handle international affairs, diplomacy matters, and business meetings. These translators are also in close contact with international investors and customers who seek to work closely with the business.

Sign language

A noble work that involves translation services is sign language interpreters. The interpreter must be bilingual and versed in sign language because how else are they going to translate? These translators work in a real-time setting and translate as the speaker speaks. You would usually see these translators on public television and UN conferences.

These interpreters translate words to actions without sounds. They make appropriate actions and gestures that convey the message from the original language. And since sign language is universal and the same, it does not have any dialects and can be translated anywhere. It is intended to help with visual and auditory disabilities.


The translators hired by translation companies or working freelancing capacity are called localizers. These translators translate product descriptions, services information, business websites, and instructions manuals. Sometimes, they are also offered advertisements containing texts and graphics.

The Norwegian translator will translate the products manufactured in Norway with the original message and texts. The same translator will translate products into the languages they are experts at to sell to different customers. The translation is mainly undertaken using web-based software that has been programmed specifically for this service.

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