Calum Hood, the Australian bassist & vocalist, turned 26 today

Calum Hood, the Australian bassist & vocalist, turned 26 today

Calum Hood, the legendary Australian bassist, singer, and member of ‘5 Seconds of Summer,’ the pop-rock band, has turned 26 today. Calum was born on January 25, 1996, in Mount Druitt, New South Wales.

Happy Birthday, Calum Hood!

The Musical Career of Calum Hood

Hood developed a strong interest in sports throughout his infancy and early adolescence, especially football (soccer), which he thought had a “promising future.”

He went to a training camp in Brazil to pursue the sport as a career. However, he ultimately decided to give up playing football in favor of music when the band got formed and because the band migrated to London in late 2012. As Calum decided to give up playing football, and he left high school in 2012; after finishing the Year 2011, 

On Hemmings’ YouTube page, Hood, Clifford, and Hemmings started posting song covers in 2011. The present 5 Seconds of Summer lineup was formed when the trio eventually included their familiar friend Ashton Irwin in their videos.

The band acquired a publishing agreement with Sony/ATV Music Label after uploading song covers online for several months and generating attention from major record companies and publishers. Since then, Hood has collaborated with the band to create five studio albums: 2014’s¬†¬†5 Seconds of Summer, 2015’s¬†¬†Sounds Good Feels Good, 2018’s¬†Youngblood, 2020’s¬†Calm, and 5SOS5 last year.

'5 Seconds of Summer,' band members
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One of the most successful Australian musical exports in history, 5 Seconds of Summer has sold more than 10 million albums and more than 2 million concert tickets globally and amassed over seven billion song streams since 2014.

Calum Hood has collaborated on tracks with various musicians besides the band, such as Makeout and the Black Veil Brides.

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