BTS's Jin shared an emotional video message to the ARMY

BTS’ Jin shared an emotional video message to the ARMY

Jin (Kim Seokjin), the oldest member of BTS, left the music industry to fulfill mandatory military responsibilities as a South Korean citizen.

He arrived at his base camp in December and is undergoing training there. As the World’s Handsome departed for his required service, many people wrote messages of love and sadness on social media.

Today, BigHit Entertainments, the management firm of k-pop group BTS, tweeted the statement from the Worldwide handsome. It was probably captured while his solo album Astronaut was being recorded.

Jin stated that he would shortly be enlisting in the military and that this video might be released while stationed in the base camp. He sent his best wishes to everyone and mentioned that numerous short message tapes had been made so the Army would never forget him. After seeing this, the Army might get emotional and is in tears.

BTS' Jin
Source: Twitter

Recently, a member of BTS was called to active duty, prompting a flurry of love messages and formal organizational announcements that do not follow this pattern. Army has been in total disbelief ever since BTS revealed that they would be taking a break and later reporting for military duty, but Army has always supported their heroes.

According to South Korean law, all physically fit men between 18 and 35 must serve in the army, naval force, or air force for either eighteen, twenty, or twenty-one months. Certain athletes and artists representing the nation abroad are given specific privileges under the law.

After releasing his debut solo album in October, Jin became the first member to join the Army. Although precise dates weren’t provided, the other six BTS members wanted to enlist after him.

Jin is serving in the South Korean Army
Source: Twitter

Many people have asserted that even though everyone will eventually be required to serve in the military. The Army will be long waiting to return as BTS in 2025.

Fans will occasionally be treated to videos, funny episodes, or games to keep them entertained and hopeful that they will soon be back on stage.

Every member of BTS is now releasing solo albums and several collaborations, with Jimin’s album with another K-pop artist being the most anticipated.

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