Bruce Buffer Net Worth: MMA, Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife, Salary.

Bruce Buffer

Bruce Buffer, an American UFC announcer, is reported to be worth $10 million. He’s made a lot of money since the Octagon ring for the Ultimate Fighting Championship was unveiled (UFC).

Early Life: Bruce Buffer

On May 21, 1957, Bruce Buffer was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. While residing in Philadelphia with his family as a youngster, he began training in martial arts. His ultimate accolades were a green judo belt and a black Tang Soo Do belt. When Buffer was just 15 years old, he and his family moved to Malibu, where he grew up. In California, he resumed his martial arts studies and met Chuck Norris. Chuck’s first martial art was Tang Soo Do. Buffer also practised kickboxing for several years until he was told by doctors that he was suffering from too many concussions to continue.

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UFC Career:

In UFC events, Bruce is regarded as the “Veteran Voice of the Octagon“. He has become a household name because to his unusual antics and catchphrases. “Ladies and gentlemen, we…are live!” is the opening line of every event. Before introducing the last two fighters in each main event, Buffer will say things like, “This is the major event of the evening,” “This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for,” and finally, “It’s time!” After crossing the Octagon and making a quick 180-degree spin, he gestures to the corner that is being shown.

Outside of the UFC:

Many additional events are also under Buffer’s stewardship, including MMA promotions and K-1 tournaments, the 2008 Joel Casamayor- Michael Katsidis HBO boxing match, and the yearly Abu Dhabi Combat Club submission wrestling tournament, which he has hosted since 2010. The song “It’s Time,” produced by Steve Aoki and Laidback Luke, contains his voice as the World Series of Beer Pong’s official announcer.

In addition to appearing on ESPN’s World Series of Poker Main Event and an episode of Poker After Dark, Buffer is an excellent poker player. The Luxor Las Vegas poker room was dubbed in his honour after he coined the phrase “Shuffle up and deal!” at the 2010 World Series of Poker final table. It’s worth noting that Buffer has also been in a slew of other media, including Friends, Entourage, and the impending sequel to 2013’s Hot Tub Time Machine 2. (2018).

Bruce Buffer

Personal Life and Salary: Bruce Buffer

Michael Buffer, the well-known boxing analyst, has a half-brother named Michael Buffer, who is also famous. Joe Buffer, their paternal grandfather, initially introduced the two in 1989. The company they manage as a group is called The Buffer Partnership. In order to trademark “Let’s get ready to rumble!” Bruce came up with the idea. Michael gained hundreds of millions of dollars from the period through licencing deals and personal appearance fees.

Great-grandfather Johnny Buff was a world champion boxer. Buffer was engaged to marry Annie Buffer prior to his divorce from his first wife. It is Dougie Buffer’s first birthday.

Each Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) event pays Bruce Buffer $100,000.

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