The Bombers beat the BC Lions 28-20 in Grey Cup Championship

The Bombers beat the BC Lions 28-20 in Grey Cup Championship

On Sunday, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers beat the BC Lions 28-20 and advanced to the third straight 109th Grey Cup championship game. Next, the Bombers would face the Argonauts on Monday. Brady Oliveira, the leading player for The Winnipeg Blue, rushed more than 1,000yards and caught four 37-yard passes at I.G. fielI.G.

The Blue Bombers are one win away from coming out on top for three successive C.F.L. titC.F.L. first time in the Winnipeg Blue Bombers franchise history. What’s more, they could come out on top for three sequential Grey Cup championships, interestingly beginning in Edmonton around 1982 when they challenge the Toronto Argonauts in Regina next Sunday. The Argos last crushed the Montreal Alouettes 34-27 in the East Division.

The Match Highlights

Collaros completed the match 14-of-20 for 178 yards, including one interception and one touchdown. Collaros wanted to bring back home his second continuous M.O.P prize as a piece of GreyCup celebrations. His well-being will be the most incredible story heading into the following week.

Before a rowdy old hometown crowd, Canadian running back Brady Oliveira set the Blue Bombers up for an opportunity at a three-peat in Grey Cup Championship. He ran the ball multiple times for 130 yards and added four 37-plus receptions through the air. Bombers’ ground-and-pound assault controlled the speed while B.C LioB.C.battled to move the ball with their own harmed quarterback.

Nathan Rourke opened the match with five straight incompletions. He didn’t track down his balance until late in the final quarter, finishing 20-of-37 passes for 300 yards, along with two interceptions and one touchdown while pushing through the torment of a surgically fixed foot. He currently offers a wake-up call for Winnipeg’s group that will endure seven days dealing with their own harmed turn.

Regardless of Collaros, the double cross reigning champs will take to the field for the 109th Dark Cup on November 20 in Regina, where they’ll confront a natural enemy. Before the day, previous Blue Bombers. Whereas Andrew Harris helped the Toronto Argonauts triumph in the East Last, guaranteeing a confrontation with his old club.

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