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Blake Lively Before and After- Her Face Has Changed a Lot in the Last Few Years.

Blake Lively Before and After: The longtime starlet has dramatically changed since she played Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl. She has gone through a complete transformation over the years.

Blake’s first significant break came in the 2005 film The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but she shot to popularity two years later as the lead on Gossip Girl. Because Serena was one of the best-dressed characters on television, clothed from head to toe in designer outfits and accessories, Blake gained a reputation for always being on lists of best-dressed actors due to her personal and immaculate fashion sense.

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People think the blonde beauty is a true fashionista because she is one of the few Hollywood stars who doesn’t hire a stylist to pick out her clothes.

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“Once you have the clothes, you choose what to wear like everyone else. However, it is not nearly as difficult as it might seem because you have access to clothing. The hard part is watching all the fashion shows, taking screenshots of the looks you like, and calling them. I have a helper who helps me get the looks. But a big reason is that I’m friends with the designers,” Blake says.


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“I have control issues and a big ego,” she joked in the same interview, adding more seriously, “I just like it.” I love design and fashion, and it’s a way for me to be creative. There is a beginning, middle, and end here, and I may be creative, and there is a near future finish date.”

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Blake’s Physical Appearance

Blake’s “before” and “after” pictures surprised us because the actress now has a very natural beauty that hasn’t been changed or boosted too much by surgery. But the difference is quite shocking when you look more closely and put the before and after pictures next to each other.

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Blake said, “That’s the same reason I like to do my girlfriends’ hair and makeup or cook: you can be creative and finish it. On the other hand, in my line of work, you’ll work on something, and then two years later, it will be completed. That’s probably because of the need to be in control. You think, “Okay, I did it, I finished it, it’s done!”

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Q: How old is Blake?

A: She’ll be 34 years old this year.

Q: What was Blake’s name before she became famous?

A: Her full name is Blake Ellender Lively.

Q: How much money does Blake have in her bank account?

A: Her total net worth is around $30 million.

Q: What does she make a living doing?

A: She is a model and an American actress.

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