Building your own PC has a world of benefits and it’s been one of the most popular options for serious gamers for years. There’s a huge amount of satisfaction to be had from building anything for yourself and there’s no better feeling than seeing a machine you’ve made switch on for the first time. These projects can become bigger and more advanced allowing you to add more to your gaming setup.

z10 motherboardThere are a number of key benefits to building your own PC and perhaps the most important of these is the cost. Building your own PC is normally drastically cheaper than picking one from a store. That’s simply because you’re able to source your own components individually allowing for better value. You can also avoid the mark up of the mainstream companies.

The second most important benefit of building your own PC is the performance. You can’t beat the performance of a custom made gaming PC purely because you can select every single component. This let’s you research and find the most efficient parts to put in your PC that will let you get the most out of your gaming time.

It’s normally for these reasons that people look to build their own PCs from the ground up and If you haven’t done it before you should definitely consider it.


The motherboard is potentially the most important component within a PC and whether you’re building your own or buying a PC It’s one of the key things to look at. Of course if you’re building your own PC you’ll be able to shop around and you’ll have the option of upgrading it down the line.

Motherboards, sometimes called the main board, allows for communication between all the different components. All your other major components will plug into the motherboard, this allows them all to have access to the power supply so they can function effectively. They also help control the flow of external data, guiding this to the hard drive.

Different motherboards have different capabilities and not all components are compatible with each other and/or the motherboard. It’s important to know the key criteria before choosing your motherboard, but keep in mind that motherboards are incredibly important to a high performing gaming PC.

Choosing a Motherboard

When you’re choosing a motherboard then it’s best to shop around. However in order to ensure you get the best value you need to know what to look out for. The first thing you’ll probably see about a motherboard is the ‘form factor’. This refers to the layout and shape of the motherboard which will determine what can be plugged in and what is compatible.

The predominant feature of motherboards is the number of ports and sockets. The more ports your motherboard has then the more different components can be attached and used with your PC. When it comes to motherboards more is definitely more.

RAM compatibility will also shape your motherboard choice. Not all motherboards can be used with all RAM and you’ll normally find that it will only be compatible with either the DDR3 or DDR4 types. Similarly make sure that the motherboard can support the speed or RAM or you’re really wasting your money.

If you’re building a PC then you’ll know there’s a big advantage in that you can constant upgrade and adapt your unit. That’s why we recommend looking for a motherboard with some expansion slots. With these you’ll be able to add in more components as and when you need them.

The number one thing you need from a motherboard is reliability. If you have a motherboard that is faulty it’s going to have a big impact on your whole system so you want one that lasts. Thankfully most motherboards are well made but It might be worth sticking to some of the more well known brands for peace of mind.

We’ve found some of the best motherboards for gaming around and right now one of the best is the Z10 motherboard.

Z10 Motherboards

So if you’re new to this you might be wondering, what is a Z10 motherboard? Z10 motherboards are LGA 1151 socket compatible motherboards. The two most powerful and sought after processors for gaming PCs are the SkyLake and Kaby Lake processors. These are really powerful and perfect for seamless gameplay online. Z10 motherboards are fully compatible with these processors and they’re one of the most powerful around.

The Z10 motherboards are some of the most popular at the moment and they have a few real benefits. They were only released recently so they’re still the top line models with very little competition in this cost bracket.

Essentially Z10 motherboards are some of the most powerful around because of their utility and compatibility. They are versatile and can be used in a lot of systems but they’re also extremely cost effective.

You can find the best Z10 motherboard here.

Z10 motherboards are a great asset to any PC, especially for gaming, and whether you’re building your PC from scratch or just upgrading then they are definitely the way to go.