A huge part of an awesome gaming experience is the sound. The best gaming speakers will make you feel like you’re inside the game with action happening all around you.

That said, speakers are often get forgotten about with gaming monitors, keyboards, desks and chairs taking a higher spot on the wish list.

So this article is dedicated to gaming and PC speakers and we’re in search of the best!


The Best Gaming Speakers: Our Top Recommendations

There are so many different sizes and shaped gaming desks available. So, we’ve broken them down into categories.

1. The best standard I shaped gaming desk
2. The best L shaped or corner gaming desk
3. The best budget gaming desk.

And for the more budget conscious, well also take a look at how to upgrade an existing gaming desk. We’ll show you how to make it more ergonomic and how to convert it to a standing desk.


Creative Inspire T6300 5.1 Channel 22W with Subwoofer: Our Top Pick

best gaming speakers for most people

These Creative Inspire speakers are our number 1 pick for the average gamer.

They’re dead in the middle of our price-range and come with a full complement of 6 speakers and subwoofer. Which means you get for full surround sound at a reasonable cost.

While it’s not a ‘professional’ setup, they won’t break the bank and are a brilliant choice for those looking to upgrade to 5.1.

The subwoofer is the main hub for the speakers, with all the satellite speakers plugging into that along with the inputs from the PC.

To get the best out of these speakers you will need a motherboard or soundcard to push all of the separate sound and subwoofer outputs to the speakers.

There’s also quite a bit of setup required, with 6 speakers to position and set up. Luckily the rear speakers come with extra length in the cables so you can put them where you need them.

Once set up, the speakers are phenomenal. With excellent bass and a powerful, crisp sound perfectly suited to a medium-sized room.

The wired-in volume control is handy as well. We would have liked a bass adjustment on there too. Instead, we had to reach round to the subwoofer to make adjustments. F

For a gamer’s first foray into the surround sound market, these speakers can’t go far wrong. With quality sound and the versatility that comes with small satellite speakers, they’re excellent mid-range gaming speakers.


Razer Leviathan – Elite Gaming Soundbar: Fanboys Choice

gaming soundbar

If there is one gaming brand that stands out beyond all the rest it would have to be that glowing green snake we all know and love as Razer.

‘Built by gamers – for gamers’.

And now finally Razer have weighed in on the speaker market with the Leviathan soundbar.

Rather than go for a standard speaker system, Razer has opted for a bluetooth enabled soundbar.

Dark and brooding below your gaming screen, the Leviathan blasts out phenomenal sound quality. It also comes with a separate stand-alone subwoofer to give a real level of depth to the sound.

Software-wise, it has selectable equalizer options to optimise the sound quality for what you may be using it for. And the Bluetooth connectivity means you can play anything you want through it.

One issue we have with the Leviathan is that it doesn’t come with a remote control. That said, the soundbar is designed for PC use and so we expect to be sitting in front of it most of the time.

If you have the budget, get the Razer Leviathan. It’s a great high-end choice for a gaming speaker setup with great looks and excellent sound quality to match.


Logitech Z200: Minimalist Choice

Sometimes you don’t have a lot of space, or you don’t want to take up a lot of space. If that is the case then the Logitech Z200 could be exactly what you are looking for. Logitech are big names in the PC peripheral world and rightly so.

The Z200’s are sleek and well designed with a clean look to suit any desk or cabinet. With only two small 2.5inch drivers per speaker these Z200s produced a strong, room-filling sound in the mid range. But they started to lose their clarity on the top end as you’d expect from something so small.

Where these speakers shine is their versatility. With two input jacks you can input two separate devices at once and switch between the two.

Considering their size and versatility as well as the reasonable price these speakers are a worthy pick for those who are looking to keep their clutter down to a minimum.


Best Budget Gaming Speakers: Amazon Basics

amaxon basics gaming speakers

Spent all your money on a brand new graphics card, and you’re tight on cash? You need some speakers that aren’t going to break the bank but will do what you need them to do.

Look no further than the AmazonBasics USB PC Speakers. No frills, no fuss, no faff.

These speakers is although they’re priced as low as you can go, while still delivering the goods. We found these AmazonBasics speakers to be clear and crisp with just enough bass to fill out the sound without distorting it.

They’re USB powered as well so no need to plug into a wall socket.
They aren’t going to change the world, but at least you’ll have change left from a 20.


If Money is No Object: Klipsch R-15PM Powered Monitors and R-10SW Surround Subwoofer

Klipsch R-15PM Powered Speakers

One for the audiophiles and budding producers.

Not a lot of people would even consider spending so much money on a pair of computer speakers. Especially considering the quality of some of the budget speakers available.

That sais, there is a reason why these Klipsch R-15PMs command such a premium. Premium price means premium sound.

The’re truly spectacular in every respect.

They’re designed with their own high-end phono pre-amp built into the body of the speakers. This means you get an uncluttered desk space with unparalleled sound quality.

The R-15PMs also come with 3.5mm aux, bluetooth, digital optical, analog RCA and USB inputs. To improve the sound quality even further, we recommend pairing the R-15PMs with a matched subwoofer.

We added in the Klipsch R-10SW which to the sound quality from stratospheric to interstellar. It produced possibly the most complete sound we have ever heard from a set of desk speakers.

Yes, they are pricey, but if you are in the market for high end sound, there are plenty of reasons to take a long look at the Klipsch R-15PMs.

They are as good as desktop speakers get. And, when combined with the versatility of having so many different inputs as well as built in pre-amp, there’s a lot to love with these wooden and copper cubes.


Why Should I Bother Upgrading My Gaming Speakers?

Gaming is a world of immersion and experiences.

One of the primary ways we absorb information is through sound. The better the sound quality, the better we can trick our brains into thinking we’re immersed are in the game.

From this standpoint it makes sense that the higher quality speakers we have, the better the experience we will have.

There are four main things to consider when upgrading your speaker systems;

  1. Budget
  2. Space
  3. Sound quality
  4. Use

There are others as well such as design and appearance. An aesthetic-savvy gamer may want a minimalist looking speaker set to match their desk layout. o]Or it may have to match their favourite peripheral brand.

Focusing on the four main considerations, we start with budget – this one is self-explanatory. We tested speakers ranging from under $20 up to $400, which goes to show there is a set of speakers there for every budget.

Next up we have to consider the space the speakers take up and where they are going to be located. A gamer with a small desk and small room isn’t going to need a big set of speakers to produce the same volume as someone with a larger room. As a result, see no need for a full 7.1 surround system.

If you’re short on space, consider a simple soundbar, or a 2 speaker setup.

Those who game on a full size desk with plenty of space may be looking to fill their room with sound as much as possible. If that’s you, you might consider the larger speaker options, like 5.1 or 7.1 surround sets.

Those with most space will also benefit from a subwoofer.

The third thing to consider is sound quality. This ties in closely with budget.

It’s natural to expect a more expensive set of speakers to produce better sound. But it is also worth considering that 2 speakers of better quality may be more effective at producing immersive sound than a cheaper full 5.1 surround set.

This is largely down to the gamer’s preferences as well as what they will be using the speakers for.

And that brings us onto the final consideration.

Usage; what are you going to be using the speakers for the most and what to the speakers need to do to fulfil that?

A high-end set of speakers like the Klipsch R-15PMs will be perfect for a bedroom producer or audiophile who also uses the same setup for gaming.

With all the additional inputs available for the Klipsch speakers, they’re much more geared towards a music and audio use compared to gaming.

A gamer who also uses their setup for watching movies will benefit from surround setup.

It’s also important to consider the capabilities of your hardware. A laptop is generally not going to have the same range of sound connectivity as a full pc with add-in sound card.

A lot of motherboards support surround sound as well, but it’s well worth checking technical specifications before choosing your speaker upgrade to make sure your pc is able to output full surround.

Below is a handful of different sound-card options for upgrading your pc to produce the best sound it can.

Optimal Shop USB 2.0 External Sound CardOptimal Shop USB 2.0 External Sound Card

A cheap USB option for widening the number of sound outputs on your pc, and useable with a laptop as well. The USB external sound card won’t produce the best sound quality but it will at least increase the number of sound outputs available to you. It’s a useful tool if you need to output to something different like SPDIF.


Creative Sound Blaster Audigy FX PCIe 5.1 Sound Card

Creative Sound Blaster Audigy FX Sound Card

A simple and effective way to enhance your pc’s audio performance. Direct output through PCIe means a high quality and fast bitrate for your music and game audio. It also contains a high performance headphone amp for a better headphone experience.





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