One of the most important, yet overlooked aspects of gaming are gaming desks. Keyboards, graphics cards, chairs, gaming glasses and headsets always seem to be higher on the priority list.

So in this article, we’re going to page homage to the humble gaming desk. We’ll show you (what we think) are the best gaming desks and give you tips on how to create the best desk for gaming.

What Are Gaming Desks and Why Do I Need One?

There aren’t many affordable desks made just for gamers. With that said, there are many office desks which will work well. That’s because the needs of the office worker and a gamer are very similar.

Let’s be honest about this, we could call any flat surface that our PC, consoles, and screens sit on a gaming desk. What we’re actually talking about are computer desks which are best to use as gaming desks.

Just like when you’re buying any other piece of gaming equipment, you need to make sure it’s fit for purpose. Buying the wrong desk is going to get really annoying really quickly.


What to Consider When Buying a New Desk

Before purchasing your new gaming desk make sure you consider the following points;

  • Weight capacity – You need to ensure the desk you buy can hold the weight of your expensive hardware.
  • Layout – Before buying a new gaming desk take stock of what you need to put on it and where it will go in your home/office.
  • Shape and dimensions – You need to be aware of how much floor space your new gaming desk will likely take up.
  • Desk space – Make sure your new gaming desk has enough physical space for everything you need.
  • Cable management – Do you need a solution to keeping your cables and leads tidy or does the desk have in-built management?

As long as you consider all these points before purchase then you should be happy with whatever you buy.


The Best Gaming Desks: Our Top Recommendations

There are so many different sizes and shaped gaming desks available. So, we’ve broken them down into categories.

1. The best standard I shaped gaming desk
2. The best L shaped or corner gaming desk
3. The best budget gaming desk.

And for the more budget conscious, well also take a look at how to upgrade an existing gaming desk. We’ll show you how to make it more ergonomic and how to convert it to a standing desk.


The Atlantic Gaming Desk: The Best I Shaped Gaming Desk

We loved the look of this Atlantic Gaming desk. It is a little unconventional but the level of functionality you get is excellent. Especially considering the price!

It’s the perfect all in one unit for gamers. It even comes with a drinks holder so you no longer have to choose between your K/D ratio and your hydration.

In our opinion, the Atlantic gaming desk has to be the best I shaped gaming desk. As pretty hardcore gamers, our desks are always littered with headsets, controllers, drinks and all kinds of other stuff. This is why we loved the Atlantic gaming desk. They have a place for everything.

There’s a charging station for your mobile phone or tablet. For storing your controllers, headsets and games etc, there are holders everywhere. So now your gaming space can be tidy instead of looking like a grenade has come out of the game and gone off in front of you.

And DON’T sleep on the value of the cup holder. If you’re a hardcore gamer or even a thirsty casual one, you’ll know the dangers of having drinks on your desk. You might have had the experience of spilling your drink all over your hardware…

Expensive mistake!

All that risk is gone with the inclusion of a simple cup holder and it’s big enough to take most drinks.

The basic layout of the desk is straightforward. There’s a stand for your monitor which you can remove if you have a multiple screen setup. It’s suitable for monitor desk clamps as well.

You can mount your speakers off to either side for good spatial sound, too.

This gaming table comes flat packed and like all flat pack furniture, we dreaded having to assemble it. But, all the holes were pre-drilled and the whole thing was pretty easy to put together. The instructions were easy to understand, even for those like us who don’t usually do well following instructions.

And everything on this desk is solid metal! It doesn’t feel flimsy so you won’t be disappointed with the build quality, it’s rock solid.

We think the Atlantic Gaming desk is pound for pound the best gaming I shaped gaming desk on the market. It has been designed with the needs and wants of gamers in mind.

And it’s not expensive.

Considering the build quality and the thought that has gone into making it, we’d go as far to say it’s pretty cheap!


The Best L Shaped Gaming Desk


Best Budget Gaming Desk: IKEA Linnmon/AdilsSpektrum

This IKEA Linnmon desk is as simple as can be with one of the lowest prices in the market. The desk minutes to assemble and it literally takes minutes – it simple, quick and easy.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money of a high-end gaming desk then this is the desk for you. It does exactly what it says on the box and comes from IKEA which means it’s cheap and usually pretty good.

This desk is the bargain of the century. It looks good and does the job!

This is one of the best value for money gaming desks on the market. Let’s get this out in the open early, it is nothing special, it’s as basic as can be. But for the price point it should it’s definitely worth considering.

The desk comes from IKEA so assembly is straightforward. Even a novice will have it up in less than 20 minutes . The legs are quite skinny so we recommend putting it right up against a wall for a bit of extra support to be safe. It will take two screens with enough room for your keyboard and mouse.

Because these table are produced at a low cost, the materials aren’t as robust. They’re made from particle board which isn’t as strong as solid wood, metal or glass. This means you can’t use screen clamps as they will leave dents and maybe even break the table.

Although this desk is just 4 legs and a table top, with some thought you can have a very inexpensive gaming desk setup. Especially if you apply some of our tips and tricks to improving any gaming desk as mentioned above.



Best Sitting / Standing Desk: Tranzendesk Standing Desk

If you spend long hours at your gaming desk you may need to adopt an ergonomically friendly approach. Sitting for long hours at a time can cause severe backache as well as other health concerns. That’s why we included this standing desk this in our list of the best.

With its easy crank height adjustment, you can play your games while sitting or standing. Many of these kinds of desks are electric so you can adjust them with the touch of a button. That said, they’re usually very expensive and not always worth it in our opinion.

Adjusting the height of the desk is easy via the hand crank. There’s plenty of space for multiple monitors and room underneath for your legs.

Cable management needs thinking about thought. There needs to be enough slack cable in order for the desk to go up and down fully whilst not looking messy. Have a look at some of our suggestions for improving your gaming desk later in this article.





5 Tips and Tricks to Upgrading Your Current Setup

If you’re not happy with your current gaming setup there are a few things you can do to upgrade and improve your gaming experience. If you follow these six tips you can immediately improve your gaming desk.

    • Tidy up the cables – This is a simple step but one that many gamers overlook. There’s no cheaper and more effective way to hide a big pile of cables than with cable sleeving. Cable management sleeving has slots cut along the length to allow cables to poke out exactly where you need them. Turn 10 cables into 1 cable and keep everything tidy. You even get the choice of black or white to suit your desk.


    • Add a bit of green – The small things really do make a big difference and adding some decor to your desk will make it look nicer. Adding an artificial table plant is a good contrast to all the technology on your desk. It will keep you connected with nature which, believe it or not, is important. Being locked up in a room and in front of a screen all day isn’t good for you! And the good thing about an artificial plant is that you can’t kill it!


    • Get a laptop stand – If you game on a laptop or netbook you might want to invest in a good laptop stand. A lot of people strain their necks and back by crouching over a small laptop for long periods of time. Raising the laptop to eye level will make a big difference to your posture, reducing the issue of back pain.


    • Try Standing – Sitting for long periods of time isn’t good for your back so why not try standing? This Standing Desk Converter fits to your current desk. It elevates your screen and equipment to standing height and when you want to go back to sitting, adjust it to your sitting height. Not only does this help with your posture in a big way, but standing while gaming can improve performance.


    • Get some LED’s – A lot of high end gaming set ups are amazingly well lit and you can get this effect with LED strip lighting kit. You can turn your outdated gaming setup into something quite special. These strips are pretty cheap and easy to install. They come with an adhesive back which means you can put them around your desk and have a nice backlit effect.


In Conclusion

The gaming desk is probably the most product in a world where graphics cards, ultra-wide monitors, and mechanical keyboards take priority. Yet every gamer is different. The best gaming desks mean different things to different people. It comes down to personal preference.

We have shown you what we think are the best gaming desk and how to easily upgrade your current space.

So, show us your battlestations!

Leave a comment down below and show us your setup. Also let us know if you would like us review any other gaming desks in the future.