Anything you can sit and game in is a gaming chair, right?

Well, not really. It takes a good bit more than that to make a great one. If you pick wisely, you get two HUGE benefits from a gaming chair:

1. A much healthier back, and you’ll appreciate that both now AND thirty years from now!

2. You’ll dominate like never before during gaming sessions


Gaming Without the Right Chair is Hazardous

dumb gaming methods

The makers of this must be on a mission to ruin backs worldwide

The truth is that gaming is a very sedentary hobby. We gamers spend a lot of time either sitting on the floor, sofa or at our gaming desks, so it can get uncomfortable trying to maintain any kind of decent posture. Game for a few hours in random positions and you’ll feel all kinds of muscle fatigue setting in.

Sitting for a prolonged period of time can have a severe impact on your long-term health. A study found that over 15 million workdays were lost in 2013 due to bad backs as a result of sitting in uncomfortable chairs. Think about how many gaming hours have been lost. It’s enough to drive you to tears.

Spending a long time in front of a screen on your favorite game can be very taxing on you. Your eyes can experience fatigue, (which you could help by investing in a pair of Gaming Glasses) and your body is generally affected by your seating position.


Ergonomics Can Save You From Permanent Damage

Even worse, your posture permanently changes when you sit improperly for long stretches and that’s going to haunt a ton of gamers with a vengeance in their adult and senior years. Without an ergonomic gaming chair, your lifelong comfort is truly at stake.

Ergonomics is key to a good gaming chair. The very best PC gaming chairs will help to improve posture, making longer gaming sessions easier to live with.

If you watch carefully, EVERY major game streamer on Twitch, YouTube or Steam is using legit gaming chairs these days because they put in the level of screentime that require great cushions and lumbar support. And the smart ones still take breaks because even with the best ergonomically designed gaming chair, it’s smart to stretch out every few hours. Getting up and walking and move around can reduce any pain and discomfort you might feel later.


Are Gaming Chairs Expensive?

crappy gaming posture

This might be an extreme example but any true gamer understands that there’s a price to be paid – in performance and posture – for scrunching up

The fact is that a good chair can save you lots of pain now and keep you from developing horrible back issues later. And the top of the line chair costs about the same as a really good video card.

Is that expensive considering the benefits I described? Of course not! But I know that the mentality of most gamers is so whack that they’ll buy the most epic hardware available and scrunch down in a beanbag chair to get their game on.

Don’t be THAT idiot.

Besides, when I hit the 5 hour mark in a marathon session from my gaming chair, I still feel like I’m sitting on a cloud. You’re switching positions every 15 minutes to try to keep the aches away, man. Guess who’s winning the chicken dinner?

Anyway, I’ve included some nice gaming chairs that are less than $200. That’s not gonna be the ideal chair BUT I guarantee you it beats most.

Below we have compiled a guide of what to look for when considering buying the gaming chair.


What Gaming Chair Is Right for You?

Finding the best gaming chair for you specifically can be hard. A lot of it comes down to your body size, gaming style and personal preferences and so this review of chairs runs a lot longer than most.

I’ve tested more chairs than I can count because I’m 6 feet, 5 inches tall and my body kills me if I spend hours gaming from the wrong angle.

I’ve broken down what I consider to be the best gaming chairs on the market, but there are lots of variables between people’s needs so I’ll also point out features that can be crucial for some of you and not so important for others. You can jump straight to the chair recommendations if you’re in a hurry, but I want to first give a rundown of the major gaming chair options and discuss how you can match these up with your own requirements to pick the chair that will keep you happy for years.

Before purchasing a new gaming chair, make sure you consider the following points:

  • Value for Money – You’ll want to buy a gaming chair that’s within your budget, while making sure you get the best chair you can afford. I’m no fan of wasting unnecessary money, but the number of hours some of us will spend in gaming chairs is incredible, and you want one that’s built to last.
  • Ergonomic consideration – In other words seating position. Getting the right gaming chair can put a stop to potential musculoskeletal disorders that can arise from a poor quality chair. Almost no gamer sits up straight and proper through a marathon Madden session (you know what I’m talking about) but a really good set of cushions on a chair mean that you want b getting up the next day feeling like you slept in a loaded dumpster.
  • Style – Make sure the chair you buy suits your setup.  I’ll admit – I want my gear to look good and so I’m a big fan of the ones with plenty of color.
  • Adjustment – Make sure your new gaming chair has all the adjustment you’re looking for. Actually, you might not even know ahead of time what tweaks you’ll need, so find a highly adjustable gaming chair so that you can make it perfect for fitting your frame and play style.


Consideration 1: PC/Desktop Gaming vs. Console Gaming

desktop vs console gaming chairs

The “best” chair definitely depends on how you game. A desk chair and a chair for console gaming are extremely different

If you spend all your gaming (and/or work) time at a desk, it’s pretty likely that you’ve already got a chair of some sort. The first section of my chair recommendations is designed to see if we can find you something that is an upgrade over the basic desk chair.

What are the best PC gaming chair options?

  • adjustable height
  • adjustable armrests
  • comfortable seat cushion
  • firm lumber support
  • cushioned headrest

On the other hand, most console gamers are using seating with zero, or poor, support.  The two dudes pictured above are sadly not a rare occurrence.  And don’t think that couch gaming is much better, either!  Soft DOES NOT equal support.

What are the best console gaming chair options?

  • firm lumbar support
  • comfortable seat cushion
  • cushioned headrest
  • great wireless sound system
  • subwoofer vibration mode
  • solid battery life


The Best PC Gaming Chair: My Top Recommendations

Every desktop gaming chair requires adjustable height controls because desk heights vary, as does monitor position and your own stature.  You have to also be a stickler for firm lumbar support. Beyond that, it can be more flexible so we’ll size up factors like cushioning, adjust-ability throughout and overall build quality.

PC gaming chairs don’t usually include on-board sound, so use a set of good quality speakers to get that full immersion feeling.



AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair Review: Best Gaming Chair Under $100

AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair

AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair (Black) has 4 of 5 Stars on Amazon

This chair offers a sensible style to your gaming setup. It’s plenty comfortable and offers the most bang if your budget is at an absolute minimum.

As video game chairs go it is not the most exciting and it’s far away from being the award of ‘ultimate’ gaming chair. That said, the build quality is solid and it has soft cushions that should allow you to game way longer without discomfort.

And this low price is the reason it made our list. (Also, an honorable mention/budget shout out to the Homall Leather Gaming Chair for being awesome at less than $100 too!)

The back of this chair is pretty comfortable but it doesn’t keep you very straight from side to side, so you could find yourself leaning left or right if not paying attention. It also may not be ideal for the tallest gamers (like me) who are going to have a lot of their upper backs exposed and not posture-optimized. That always made my shoulders ache after an hour or two, so something with a higher back might be a better choice if you’re not average height or even shorter.

This AmazonBasics budget gaming chair is fully adjustable with pneumatic controls which allow you to raise and lower the seat, as well as rock back in your chair. There’s no adjusting those armrests and the cushion there is pretty skimpy.

This is still arguably the best gaming chair under $100 on the market today, and I promise you, the long-term health of your back back is worth MANY TIMES what you’ll pay for this. If you have a tight budget, I’d either go with this one or the Homall Leather Gaming Chair mentioned above.

I’d give the nod to the Homall one if you’re taller than, say, 6′ because it has the back support you’ll need. Build quality on each is acceptable for the price.

AmazonBasics Classic Leather-Padded Mid-Back Office Desk Chair with Armrest - Black
$57.79Save 15% ($10.20)
Buy on Amazon
N/ABuy on Amazon


AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair Review: Best Budget Gaming Chair

If you’re fairly tall, this High-Back chair has an Executive style at a budget price

If you can swing a bit more than $100 for your PC desktop chair, I’ll highly recommend the High-Back Executive from Amazon.  It’s a taller version of the one reviewed above, but also has much better cushioning and adjustable controls.

With the high-back model, you’ll feel like you’re properly positioned right up to your shoulders. That will make it a whole lot easier to continue gaming for extended periods. Additionally, I felt that the extra cushions alongside the back kept me far straighter upright than the mid-back did, and that’s a big winner for maintaining my posture long term.

One caveat, though. Stated weight limit is just 250 pounds, so it’s great for tall guys but not necessarily the big boys.

Like its less expensive sibling, this one only comes in black. But it’s a very smooth and attractive looking chair, and while it’s not actual leather upholstery, nothing about it appears cheap or flimsy.

In fact, the controls for adjustment felt very solid. Within five minutes, I had it positioned for exactly the right height. I figured out how to tilt the seat to suit my monitor level, and you can even adjust the amount of front to back swaying that you can do.

With this chair, Amazon is clearly going after a market that a lot of other gaming chair makers charge $200 and up for. If you can live without fancy color combinations, this will make a world of difference for your back and it’s very budget friendly.

Things I Really Like:

  • Excellent upper back support
  • Easy to operate controls for adjustment
  • Slick, professional look to the chair

Potential Negatives:

  • Upholstery looks like it could be damaged if careless
  • 250 pound weight limit
AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Swivel Office Computer Desk Chair - Black with Pewter Finish
$82.31Save 27% ($29.68)
Buy on Amazon


Furmax High-Back Gaming Chair Review: A Footrest, Too? What?!?!

High-back ergonomic gaming chair from Furmax

Don’t let the childlike color fool you. This chair is made for serious gaming business!

I’m not gonna lie, I don’t know a thing about Furmax outside of this one particular gaming chair. In fact, when I was first shopping on Amazon for something that was built for my height, I flew past this one because the bright blue was just a little too much for my eyes.

Then I came back on my second pass through and began to appreciate the level of innovation that was built into this Furmax High-Back gaming chair. It isn’t the only chair to have these features, but it’s the only one that has all of them.

Okay, so let’s start by talking about the most important feature. This chair has a dedicated lumbar support cushion that can be adjusted up and down to hit your sweet spot.

It also has a pretty extensive set of adjustment features, although I thought that the height adjustment control felt a little bit at risk of breaking if someone frustrated were to start yanking on it.

But let’s talk about this footrest. This was the first chair I’ve ever tried with a foot rest, so I wasn’t exactly sure how that made sense for somebody sitting at a desk. I mean, there’s only so much room for your legs to stretch out. Right?

Well, here’s how I think it is supposed to work. The foot rest swings up to give your legs flat place to rest on and it slides out so that you can position it far enough down your leg that you don’t feel everything is dangling.

The back itself tilts into a reclining position, so this chair is perfect for that refreshing power nap whenever you want to. Just spin the foot rest to one side of your desk, recline fully, and become an instant master of the universe.

Now let’s talk about this upholstery. I’m still not crazy about the blue, and I rather doubt that I ever will be. However, it is made out of some durable PU leather based on some research I did, I gather that this material is sort of a cross between nice polyurethane and some sort of bonded leather product.

The bottom line is that the whole structure seems very solid. It has a high-back, so you’ll definitely feel relief up in your shoulders. And it also has an acceptable weight limit of 310 pounds. I know there are guys who are bigger than that and need a chair for gaming, but I think a chair like this is still useful for about 95% of the gamer population.

Things I Really Like:

  • Ability to position dedicated lumbar support cushion
  • Has great controls for making adjustments
  • Footrest and reclining back perfect for encouraging work or game breaks
  • Really durable upholstery

Things I Would Like to See Different:

  • Would definitely like to see less flashy color scheme
  • A more durable height adjustment lever
  • Cushioning on the armrests
Furmax Gaming Chair High Back Office Racing Chair, Ergonomic Swivel Computer Chair Executive Leather Desk Chair with Footrest, Bucket Seat and Lumbar Support (Blue)
Buy on Amazon


GM Seating Ergolux Genuine Leather Executive Hi Swivel Chair Review

GM Seating Ergolux Genuine Leather Executive Hi Swivel Chair

The GM Seating Ergolux Genuine Leather Executive Hi Swivel Chair is like sitting on a gaming cloud, but the price tag is pretty high for the average marathon gamer

The GM ErgoLux has to be one of the most comfortable chairs for gaming although it definitely comes with a hefty price tag. If you’re looking a budget gaming chair, this isn’t for you.

But if you have a decent income and already understand the long-term damage that crappy gaming seating can have on your back, this is a bit like taking out a $600 insurance policy on wellness.  No, it’s not cheap but the Ergolux chair more than justifies its expense with gorgeous looks and fantastic functionality.

When reviewing this chair we were amazed at the level of adjustment. Every part is adjustable so you can make it fit perfectly. This is extremely important if you are insanely tall like I am, or if you’ve been packing on winter weight by guzzling case after case of Mountain Dew or Sam Adams.

It’s hard to find a chair here the actual customer reviews are more positive.  In fact, in researching user reviews we see that it has also been recommended by chiropractors to help those suffering from bad backs due to chronic gaming posture or other back problems that limit computer and console access otherwise.

If you’re already paying the physical price for your gaming addiction, I strongly suggest that you figure out how to get this chair into your life.

When assembling this beauty, it would be advisable to get a friend to help. Its high level of quality and features means that it’s quite heavy and could be difficult to assemble alone. It should take two people no more than 30-40 minutes to put it together and tweak for your height and weight particulars.

Although this gaming chair is actually an office chair they will do the same job of keeping you comfortable during those long gaming sessions. The bottom line is that we just forget to mind our posture whether it’s hours of PUBG or days of programming – but a chair like this puts you at the right, comfortable angle.

GM Seating Ergolux Genuine Leather Executive Hi Swivel Chair Chrome Base with Headrest, BlackN/ABuy on Amazon


Merax High Back Racing Style Gaming Chair Review

If you are after a DXRacer or AKRacing chair but don’t want to spend the huge amount of money needed to get one of those most famous gaming chairs then the Merax gaming chair is really worth considering.

A number of different colors are available so you can once again pick the perfect accompaniment to your existing gaming setup.

This gaming chair can is an ergonomic gaming chair which is very popular among gamers.

Ergonomic chairs are easy to identify. All you have to do is look at the large price tag. That said, after using the Merax gaming chair it’s clear that not all ergonomic gaming chairs are that expensive.

We felt it was the ideal chair for playing longer sessions and we loved the racing design and the removable lumbar support pillow adds another optional level of comfort. It does take some getting used to but after a few hours, we felt it was a real bonus.

The soft PU leather is very comfortable and durable. It also has a mesh fabric layer which helps the chair breath and cope with long gaming sessions.

This Merax is the king of inexpensive gaming chairs. It offers everything that the more expensive gaming chairs. Including the ability to tilt back which is great if you want to take a break after a heavy gaming session.

Obviously, the quality isn’t of the high standard of the more expensive gaming chairs but it is good enough. The stitching looks tough and like it would last a long time but only time will tell.

Merax High Back Computer Desk Chair Adjustable Home Office Swivel Chair (Black/Red/White)N/ABuy on Amazon


DXRacer Racing ERGO Seat Office Chair Gaming Review

The DXRacer Gaming Chair is the gold standard of PC gaming chairs. This chair is built to last which is what you would expect for the relatively large price tag.

With 135 degrees tilt function and adjustable base and arms, you can be comfortable in any position.

This gaming chair is the perfect for those seeking affordable luxury. Used by professional eSports teams such as Dignitas, compLexity and Fnatic.

DXRacer chairs are very customizable. if you don’t like something that the chair comes with you can remove it, swap it or adjust it.

DXRacer chairs are very customizable. If you don’t like something that the chair comes with you can remove it, swap it or adjust it. For example, the neck pillow wasn’t our cup of tea so we took it off and it was no problem.

We think this chair will reduce your level of fatigue experienced. They’re almost perfect, the only bad thing is the levels of stock. we had to wait 3 weeks to get ours as they are so popular and

DXRacer gaming chairs are some of the best gaming chairs on the market. They are almost perfect, the only bad thing is the levels of stock. We had to wait 3 weeks to get ours as they are so popular.

If you see them in stock, order one quickly so you’re not left waiting like we did!

DXRacer Racing Series PU Leather OH/RV131/NO Racing Seat Office Chair Gaming Ergonomic Adjustable Computer Chair with - Includes Head and Lumbar Support Pillows (Black/Orange)
Buy on Amazon


In Conclusion

We all come in different shapes and sizes. For that reason, I’ll always recommend that you favor a PC gaming chair with adjustable controls and cushions.

So there’s a range of chairs at a range of prices from $60 up to $700+.  Every single one of them has the potential to help your back, but remember to keep your height in mind.  High-back chairs for tall folks, etc.

Don’t get suckered into buying a flashy, overpriced chair just because some YouTube pro is pushing it.. you could easily wind up dropping 2-3x what’s necessary! And feel free to give us input right below. I’d love to know what you buy and how it works out for you.

Happy gaming, y’all.

PS – If you game on either Playstation or Sony Xbox, especially hooked up to a television, jump over to the review I did of the best console gaming chairs. I picked out the ones that will make you most comfortable in that environment, and some of the wireless sound setups on those chairs is INSANE!