Baylen Levine Net Worth

Baylen Levine Net Worth – How Much Money Makes On YouTube


Youtube Star, Baylen Levine is a Social media influencer with the net worth of $1 Million USD as of 2022


Baylen Levine is a social media sensation, born on October 30,2000.He was born and has been brought up in the United States of America. He belongs to a well to do christian family and thoroughly believes and follows christianity. The 21 year old did his early schooling from a Local High School in the United States.

CAREER: Baylen Levine

This American social media star is best known for his existence on instagram and his self created youtube channel that he named after himself BaylenLevine.His content is full of videos, vlogs showcasing him pulling off funny pranks, humour, mimicking as his amusing talesnts. He has a mass approach to his audience i.e. over 2.19 million subscribers on youtube. He started the channel back in 2017 and right with his first video ‘Farting on people Prank!’ his fame game began.

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Levine is also famous on his official instagram handle ‘baylen lavine’ with over 831k followers. Moving onto making revelations on tiktok as a tiktoker with over 2.7 million fan following.

At such an early age Baylen runs an e-commerce clothing and accessories online store named after himself ‘’.

PERSONAL LIFE: Baylen Levine

Baylen born and brought up in the United States is a scorpio by sun sign. His real name is Ben Dover. He has a beautiful family of four. Father mother and a sibling Lilah.

Baylen Levine Net Worth

He has often made his father appear in his videos, and mommy darling yet to do her debut.

Baylen had to drop out or rather unfairly dismissed from his high school for creating inappropriate videos which baylen disclosed was first ‘okayed’ by his principal. So it left him dismissed for unreasonable account.

Baylen has never talked of his relationships, is keen on keeping it private up until now.


Baylen at the age of 20 has officially bought his first house in january 2021.With most people judging him for dropping out ,he has proved himself and brought his vision to life. His house video is on his YouTube channel as well.


Whats new is Baylen recently gifted a Tesla to his mother as his first pricey token of appreciation to a mother.


Earns through several endorsements and sponsorships as well.

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