Is Tasha Still with Andrew on Love Island In 2022? Read Here

One pair, in particular, makes us feel good as we wait anxiously to know which Love Island 2022 couples will make it to the end. Tasha Ghouri and Andrew Le Page have been growing cuter since leaving the villa, and they just revealed some HUGE news about their living circumstances.

Several couples have remained together since the Love Island 2022 finale, including the winners Davide and Ekin-Sú, Indiyah and Dami, and Gemma and Luca—who just became official. But Tasha and Andrew are the pair we just adore. Are Tasha and Andrew still together? to know keep reading..

Tasha and Andrew from Love Island

First, let’s nip the question in the bud: they are still very much together!

Despite their sporadic connection, these two are flourishing outside of the villa. Until now, they had been going on lovely date evenings, adoring Instagram tributes to one another, and even participating in viral couple trends on TikTok, such as Andrew dressing like Tasha.

Living together in Tasha’s apartment in London and even planning their first vacation to Andrew’s home in Guernsey, everything is proceeding without a hitch.


Since leaving the villa, the couple lived together in London when Andrew migrated from Dubai, and they’ve been almost inseparable. Today, however, Tasha has confirmed to the Daily Mail that the couple is moving in together after discovering their “dream house.”

“Andrew and I are officially moving in together, and it’s our ideal house,” she said. It is in east London, and we will relocate in two weeks.

“I am thrilled because Andrew has been living with me in my apartment with my best friend, and now is the ideal moment to make a new start, just the two of us, to be able to go home with…

I’m pretty enthusiastic.”

She also explained the apartment: “Our new apartment is rather spacious. It is a two-bedroom apartment with two bathrooms, a wonderful balcony, and recent construction.”

Andrew has also revealed that he is studying British Sign Language (BSL) to help Tasha, who has partnered with Cadbury for their ‘Sign with Fingers’ campaign and launched a new Instagram account devoted to increasing awareness for the deaf population.

Tasha said that she is eBay’s first-ever ‘preloved’ marketplace ambassador after eBay teamed with Love Island, who dumped their fast-fashion sponsors, and the duo is also thriving professionally.

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