Are Adam and Paige still together

Are Adam and Paige still together: what’s going on with Love Island’s couple?

At the 2022 National Television Awards, Adam stated that he and Paige had broken up, making theirs the third Love Island pair to call it quits in 2022, following in the footsteps of the first two Love Island couples to call it to quit in 2022. (NTAs). But that wasn’t the end of the story; Paige has now given her side of the story and discussed “that” McDonald’s video on a new podcast, and to sum it up in a single word, it’s JUICY.

Even though everything between Paige and Adam seemed to be going swimmingly during their time in the villa, where they only narrowly failed to make it into the Love Island 2022 live final, it now appears as though everything is lost between the two of them after weeks of rumors of cheating and speculation about a breakup.

After being paired with Jacques O’Neill ahead of Casa Amor, Paige Thorne struck up a new connection with infamous ex-islander Adam Collard — who returned as a bombshell two weeks before the final after his original stint on the show back in 2018. For those needing a refresher, Paige Thorne was a part of the original 2022 lineup and, coupled with Jacques O’Neill ahead of Casa Amor, struck up a new connection with Adam.

The couple made it to the penultimate episode and finished in fifth place. Even though Paige lived in Wales and Adam lived in Newcastle, they were making a decent go of it in their relationship after Love Island.

However, after Adam denied allegations that he had “cheated” on Paige and a video allegedly showed him canoodling another woman in a McDonald’s, breakup rumors began to circulate. Now the couple has officially parted ways. The video in question allegedly showed him canoodling the other woman. The following is the current status of Paige and Adam’s relationship:

What did Paige and Adam Do After Leaving the Villa in Love Island?

Despite their difficulties in the villa, Paige and Adam indicated being head over heels in love with one another (bombshells, and unimpressed parents, to name a few…).

Soon after the final four bombshells arrived—Nathalia, Lacey, Jamie, and Reece—Adam, age 26, confessed to Paige, age 24, that he desired to have an exclusive relationship with her. Never in a million years did we imagine that the Adam of season four would show such dedication…

In the end, the couple parted ways together just a few days before the big game and appeared to be doing well, but have these suspicions of cheating thrown a wrench into the works? First things first, shall we…

After leaving Love Island, the couple seemed to be in good spirits as they attended the Love Island reunion together on August 7th, just one week after they had left the show. Since then, they have been seen walking hand in hand on the streets of London on multiple occasions.

They were also spotted dancing the night away at fellow candidate Tasha Ghouri’s 24th birthday celebrations, which took place at the capital’s Mnky Hse—alongside Dami Hope, Indiyah Polack, Andrew Le Page, and of course, Tasha herself.

On the other hand, in September, a video showing Adam with his arm around another lady when they were both in a McDonald’s was uploaded to TikTok and obtained from a private account on Snapchat. Because of the reach of the internet, the film has piled up millions of views, which has compelled Adam to clarify the situation and assert that he did not engage in any illegal activity.

Paige has provided some new information that sheds some light on the matter, which comes after the couple’s breakup and Adam’s comment regarding the video. It appears that the video was only the tip of the iceberg…

What did Paige have to say in the podcast “SAVING GRACE”?

In an appearance on the Saving Grace podcast with host Grace Keeling (aka TikTok’s GKbarry), Paige revealed that she was single before making explosive allegations regarding Adam’s behavior. Grace Keeling is known as TikTok’s GKbarry.

She responded, “No, not a clue, but she’s come to light now,” when she was asked about the infamous McDonald’s video and whether or not she knew the woman Adam was seemingly getting cozy with in the video.

Before claiming that Adam didn’t know her either, even though there were rumors that they were friends. She said: “They do not get along with one another, and guess what? It’s not just those videos—there are also other videos that the general public is unaware of.

Therefore, there is much more to the story, which involves various people on the same night in various settings.”

Paige continued by saying that she first attempted to defend the original video (which she and everyone else viewed for the first time online). Still, she received more films showcasing ‘other females’ in her direct messages, and she was forced to abandon her defense.

Paige then said that one of the films showed Adam and one of the said girls in “VIP toilets, just the two of them.” Here is the juicy part: Paige claimed that one of the tapes showed Adam and one of the stated girls in “VIP toilets, just the two of them.”

Has There Been A Breakup Between Paige And Adam?

Indeed, only a few short weeks after Adam’s response to the adultery charges, Paige and Adam parted ways. In the most recent episode of the Saving Grace podcast, Paige revealed some critical details about the reasons behind their breakup.

Adam confirmed the revelation at the 2022 NTA’s, where he stated the following to The Sun (link opens in new tab): “We are not together,” she continued, “and things take place.” But what I mean is that she is a wonderful young lady.”

After The Sun (opens in new tab) reported that Paige was taking some time away from Adam in the aftermath of *that* McDonald’s video, rumors of their breakup had already been circulating for some time before the article was published.

A source stated the following to the publication: “Paige is in a state of extreme distress due to all that has taken place, and she believes that she is being embarrassed. She is under the impression that Adam has not been responsible for anything, even though many women hurl themselves at him.

However, this does not imply that she does not find it difficult when people begin to spread rumors about their relationship and share such rumors on social media. Paige has informed Adam that she requires a break and wishes to spend some time apart from him.”

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