Apple wants to make the App Store more flexible

On August 26, Apple communicated that several relaxations will arrive on the App Store to close class actions led by American publishers and developers. For several years, app stores have been the target of complaints from publishers and the State.

Until now, Apple has been rigid about in-app purchases and telling users so. The manufacturer offers to be able to indicate to the users of an app purchases outside the application. Apple does not really specify how this communication can be done: directly in the app? More publishers and developers want to offer purchases outside of in-app purchase. This means that external purchases will be exempt from the famous commission. We will probably have to wait for the details in the official guidelines.

This modification would concern for the moment that the American developers. The official press release specifies it explicitly but this modification will undoubtedly be generalized to the whole world.

Apple offers other relaxations (existing or new):

– a price list available for 500 categories of app instead of a hundred …

– maintaining the possibility of appealing a refusal to submit your app and being more clear on the grounds for refusal

– App Store search will continue to use real criteria like number of downloads, ratings, etc. Research must be able to provide results that are more in line with reality

– for developers and publishers realizing – $ 1 million per year the commission rate will remain reduced (15%)

– publication of a transparency report on app store activities, statistics related to app submission, etc.

– creation of an aid fund for small American developers to help them get through the Covid crisis. Details will be provided later.

These relaxations and concessions from Apple must be validated by the court in charge of class actions. If the proposals are validated, it will mean that the class actions will be ended and that Apple will apply the various compromises. On the other hand, the manufacturer does not give information on the generalization of these measures in other countries.

Official release:

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