Anthony Mackie claims that his Captain America won't lead the MCU's  Avengers

Anthony Mackie claims that his Captain America won’t lead the MCU’s  Avengers

Anthony Mackie discusses the potential of his character leading the Avengers now that Sam Wilson has taken over the role of Captain America.

Anthony Mackie, a veteran of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the star of Captain America: New World Order, indicated that his character Sam Wilson, the new Captain America, won’t be commanding the Avengers.

Sam has now stepped into his proper role as the following Captain America amid The Falcon and the Winter Soldier events, precisely as Steve Rogers intended. Beyond that, there is curiosity about his future, mainly about what part he will play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

When asked if Sam Wilson’s Captain America would eventually take the helm of the Avengers in the same way as Steve Rogers did in the Infinity Saga, Mackie responded in the affirmative. The actor has yet to state what to anticipate but isn’t excited about the concept.

“Sam is the only person in the cast who lacks superpowers. He’s just an ordinary guy hanging around with some oddballs. I’ve been in a few fights because I’m from New Orleans. In a fight, my heart and charisma never came in handy. I generally get banged up for that. Hence, when you go fight someone like Thanos, that might be a problem.”

Could Sam Wilson’s Captain America(played by Anthony Mackie) Command The Avengers?

Captain America(played by Anthony Mackie)
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Based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, Sam Wilson is a fictional character played by Anthony Mackie in the MCU media property. He is well-known by his original alias, the Falcon.

Sam officially became the next Star-Spangled Avenger in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Several people got persuaded by his impassioned speech in the epilogue that he deserved to carry on Captain America’s heritage.

That might be a different end of his problems, though, since Julius Onah’s Captain America: New World Order features fresh difficulties. In the movie, he is anticipated to clash with Thunderbolt Ross, President of Harrison Ford.

Who will be on the MCU’s official Avengers team in the Multiverse Saga still needs to be determined. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes won’t get back together until 2025’s  Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, as Marvel Studios saves Avengers movies for the end of their sagas.

Hence, it’s plausible that Mackie doesn’t know how Sam will fit into the next Avengers team or what the squad will look like, which accounts for his evasive response.

And for Mackie’s ostensibly negative assessment of Sam heading the Avengers, Steve was a less formidable leader despite being less intense than his friends.

Even though he co-led the effort with Iron Man, Steve’s principles, more than his improved physical abilities, landed him the position. Steve believes Sam can continue it as the new Captain America commanding the Avengers as he has been picked as the shield’s successor.

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