Anna Delvey Net Worth: How Much Money She has Amassed from her Netflix Series?

Anna Delvey

Netflix subscribers across the world should take a look at Anna Delvey current net worth and how much she stole while claiming to be a New York City heiress for years. When she was born on January 23, 1991, Anna Sorokin was the daughter of a working-class family in Domodedovo, Russia. She grew up with a truck driver father, Vadim, and a mother who owned a convenience store before becoming a stay-at-home mom.

After her family relocated to Germany as a teenager, Anna Delvey spent the most of her childhood there. After graduating from secondary school in Cologne, Germany, she moved to London to study Central Saint Martins.

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To What Extent Was Anna Delvey the Brainchild of Whom?

Anna Sorokin has been referred to be both a genius and a con artist. During her time as an imposter, she displayed both of these traits. At the time of her arrest, she had been living in the nation for roughly four years under the guise of being an heiress from Germany.

She has also given interviews in which she explained her side of the event, and her story has been adapted for television. Her criminal record includes theft, attempted grand larceny, and second-degree larceny. So far, she’s been accused of stealing $275,000 from a variety of businesses and individuals, including banks and hotels.

Inventing Anna Delvey, Netflix’s series about Anna Delvey

By making Anna Sorokin the subject of an entire nine-episode television series, Netflix has pushed her tale back into the public eye. It relates the narrative of Anna Sorokin’s experience on television as the character she invented, Anna Delvey, in a Shonda Rhimes-produced drama.

While the show will follow a realistic pace for television reasons, it will also feature dramatic aspects, such as a trial and ordinary life. Anna Sorokin was arrested in 2017 when it was determined that she had been milking banks and several hotels without paying any fees or other compensation for her services.

Anna Delvey is being questioned about her work on display.

The documentary Inventing Anna examines Anna Sorokin’s career as a fake and how it came to light through the perspective of the journalist who broke the story in 2018. “This entire narrative is based on a true story” is the opening sentence of each episode. It’s just those sections that have been “totally made up” that are not true.

The episode will explain how many charges she was facing and how many she was found guilty of as a result of the investigation (eight). At that moment, she had been sentenced to up to 12 years in jail (minimum 4). Following a string of successful stays in various institutions, her parole officer predicts that she will be freed in February 2021.

She has been held in a detention facility for several months as she awaits a decision on her deportation. As a Netflix consultant, she was given a fee for her services on the series.

Childhood and Adolescence of Anna Sorokina

Anna Vadimovna Sorokina, a Russian actress, was born on January 23rd, 1991, in a tiny hamlet outside of Moscow. She was born into a family of convenience store owners: her trucker father and her stay-at-home mother.

Anna Sorokina was dubbed “exceptionally intelligent” by her teachers throughout her time in school. Right from the outset, she had a strong sense of self and a burning drive to achieve. It was in 2007 when her family relocated from the United Kingdom to Germany. A adolescent at the time, Anna was sixteen.

For Her, Germany Would Be the Perfect Home.

Among the difficulties she encountered upon landing in Germany was the language barrier. she learned to keep her cool in Eschweiler High School where she attended.

She relocated to London the year after she graduated from college, but returned to her hometown not long after she left. She graduated from college. She had an internship in Paris before going there to work for a fashion magazine and spent some time there. During this time, she adopted the full name Anna Delvey.

Delvey’s monetary obligations

Anna Delvey, a German heiress who amassed a fortune of $60 million through a trust, died. With this character and tale, she was able to con a broad variety of individuals and organisations. On the condition that she pay them back in full, they gave her a loan of more than $600,000.

A similar situation occurred when it came to her hotel costs when she was on the road. Forged paperwork were used to scam multiple banks when she stayed at the 11 Howard Hotel, La Mamounia, and Beekman hotels.

In the present day and age, how much money does Anna Sorokin make?

Even though she was prosecuted, her scams and eventual conviction were extensively publicised. This happened in February 2021, after a two-year trial in which she served the two years of her sentence.

Anna Sorokin’s net worth is unknown at this moment due to her present state and anticipated future activities. We still don’t know how much money she’ll get from her Netflix drama series, and we don’t know anything about the terms of her deal with the streaming site. So, we don’t know how much money she stands to gain if the show becomes successful.

Anna Delvey

In terms of money, this is what Netflix has gotten.

When it comes to money, Netflix, on the other hand, paid her a staggering $320,000 to have her tale televised. Despite its magnitude, this money was insufficient to meet all of her high-level requirements and costs. She was also charged with $199,000 in bank fees and fines from the state and attorney general. These prices ranged from $24,000 to $75,000, depending on the circumstances.

Consequently, Anna Sorokin had $22,000 in her bank account. She was ordered by the court to maintain this sum of money on her person as a reminder for the future. It’s also worth noting that she hasn’t paid back the money she borrowed from her “rich buddies,” and it’s unclear what will become of her now that she’s in this situation.

As of right now, the predicament of Anna Sorokin

Her release from jail in February 2021 saw her being sent to five separate institutions. Immigration authorities held her for more than a month and a half for the second time. Because of the expiration date of her visa and the fact that she had overstayed her visa period, she was deported. Deportation to Germany is on hold as she battles a year-long legal struggle.


A month after she was released from jail in 2021, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) discovered she had been detained for good behaviour.

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