Angus Taylor

Angus Taylor had announced $450 million in funds ‘Reducing Australia’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions’

In October budget 2022-2023, shadow treasurer Angus Taylor has accused the Albanese Government of “giving up” on its core election promises in its first budget as Jim Chalmers gives a grim debt warning.

The key takeaways from Dr Chalmers first budget as Treasurer on Tuesday night was surging inflation driven largely by an expected 50 per cent rise in electricity prices across two years coupled with a 40 per cent surge in gas bills in the same period.

source:- Twitter

“The government has tabled a summary of grants former energy and emissions reduction minister Angus Taylor announced before the election. $450 million in funds ‘reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions’ and maybe one company you’d reasonably describe as a clean energy company”, tweeted by Michael Mazengarb.

Taylor commented on the budget, said that the government had broken their promise to reduce electricity prices and also added that he wants Labor’s first budget to “Consolidate the good financial position that Labor inherited”.

He is highly trolled on twitter and other social media for his statements. People are confused and they raised the question , why he hid the power prices from Australian people.

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