Angela Okorie

Angela Okorie Net Worth: Filmography, Salary, and Earnings!

Born in Nigeria, Angela Okorie is an actress and singer. In 2015, the City People Entertainment Awards honoured her for her work as a supporting actress by naming her the winner of that category. She acted in more than a hundred films between 2009 and 2014.

Name Angela Okorie
Net Worth $600,000
Profession Actress, Singer, Entrepreneur
Height 1.71m
Age 45 years

Cotonou, Benin-born Angela Ijeoma Okorie is 45 years old and has been in the fashion industry for more than a decade. Third of five children, Okorie is a native of Benin and grew up in Cotonou. She is pursuing a degree in dramatic arts at the University of Lagos. At Lagos State University, she also studied public administration. She was born and reared in Ishiagu, Ebonyi State.

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Career of Angela Okorie:

Okorie entered the Nigerian film industry in 2009 after a decade as a soap brand model. In 2009, she debuted her first film, titled Sincerity. The cast of Stanley Egbonini’s film, which he produced and directed, includes Noso Diobi, Yemi Blaq, and Oge Okoye.

The part in Holy Serpent, according to Pulse Nigeria, was the catalyst for her success. She’s also said she’d like to record gospel music in the future.

Vanguard and The Nation newspapers said in 2014 that she was a popular actress who could handle any role with ease, and that she was one of Nigeria’s most sought-after actresses. Her future goals include a job in the film sector, she said. The singer-songwriter revealed that she has already written many songs for an upcoming original music album and that the project has always been a priority in her life.

As of January 2014, she had appeared in more than 80 films, according to government data. In 2015, she was recognised for her efforts in an English-language film with the City People Entertainment Award. She has starred in more than 100 films since 2009.

During an interview in 2014, she stated that her mother was not pleased with her religious beliefs. It’s not necessary for her role models in the Nigerian entertainment industry like Genevieve Nnaji, she stated, citing her own experience. It was due of her cultural upbringing that she donned conservative attire in her films.

Her family is protected from the media even while she is at home. According to her, they had not broken up. Because “Our culture bans it,” she said, she strongly opposed lesbianism in Nigeria. It’s ethically wrong and unreasonable.’ “Why would a woman want to be in a relationship with another person??”

Angela Okorie

On a 2015 post, she downplayed the role of social media in men’s romantic relationships. Consequently, Okorie urged all Christians to support the DSS-invited Apostle Suleman Johnson since his views were shared by the majority.

Personal Life:

Angela Okorie has a child from a previous relationship. In one of her music videos, though, she appears to have remarried on July 25, 2020. Nwele Michael Chukwudi a.k.a. Chuchu, her secret boyfriend, proposed to her after a terrible first marriage. Proposal photos of the engagement proposal were released online by Chita Agwu Johnson, a fellow actress They got married on a private beach on July 30, 2020. When the story broke days later, Angela explained that the footage was being shot for her new song “Baby Chuchu”. In front of the camera, she made fun of the media for falling for her music gimmick.

What is Angela Okorie’s estimated net worth?

How much is Angela Okorie worth? A net worth of $600,000 (or 246.6 million Naira) is expected for Angela Okorie by 2021. The majority of her earnings come from her work as an actress and singer. Having appeared in several films over her illustrious acting career, she has considerable fame in Nigeria.

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