AlphaLink on Xbox preorders to begin from September 17

Husband and Wife Team launch first Self-Published Console Title

Black Hive Media owned by a team of husband and wife have announced pre-orders for their first self-published game – AlphaLink on Xbox. The Xbox exclusive title will start accepting pre-orders on September 17 2021.

AlphaLink is a futuristic cyberpunk infused 2D online and local arena shooter. It is set in a deep sci-fi backdrop featuring warring factions, cybernetic slaves, and mysterious objects known as The Shards.

In the game, players will be suiting up in their customizable AlphaLink armor and drop into an arena to battle for supremacy. Players will not only be able to show off their ranking on leaderboards, but they will also accrue credits and XP to unlock new cosmetics in the Meat Grinder hub; the center piece to all of AlphaLink’s content, including talkative NPCs .

AlphaLink is being launched as a games-as-a-service title with multiple DLC and content updates in the pipeline to keep the experience fresh, which will be detailed in the company’s public-facing development roadmap.

AlphaLink Features:

  • 4k Resolution*
  • 60 frames per Second*
  • Online & Local Matches
  • Player Progression
  • Unlockable Cosmetics
  • Single Player Experience
  • Multiplayer
  • *On qualifying consoles
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