Alison Hammond & Richard E. Grant deliver a cringe-worthy turkey

Alison Hammond & Richard E. Grant deliver a cringe-worthy turkey

Alison Hammond (Co-hosted BAFTA 2023 award) and Richard E. Grant served a humiliating primetime turkey in the Baftas 2023.

BAFTA (The British Academy Film Awards) (BBC One) was more of a primetime dud than a box office smash. More annoying than Austin Butler’s accent were the attempts to bring the program into the twenty-first century with a modernized production. Even those golden mask gongs were frowning by the end.

The hosts, Richard E. Grant and Alison Hammond were the first to cause issues since they made the strangest couple, Samantha Fox and Mick Fleetwood, at the Brit Awards. While Hammond of This Morning performed pointless backstage interviews, Grant nervously compèred. These parts were meant to have the same vibe as the “Clauditorium” appearances on Strictly Come Dancing.

Alison Hammond Co-hosted BAFTA 2023 award
Source: Twitter

After co-hosting the annual ceremony with Richard E. Grant on Sunday night, Alison Hammond made her big Baftas debut to mixed reviews.

The 48-year-old ex-Big Brother star attended the EE Bafta Nominees Reception at the National Gallery in London on Saturday night along with celebrities including Angela Bassett, Colin Farrell,  Austin Butler, and Michelle Yeoh.

Although this arrangement didn’t go over with viewers, Alison took the lead backstage as Richard charmed the audience on the main stage.

I wouldn’t say I liked Alison Hammond’s friendly approach to the BAFTAs, one individual wrote. It irritated me. Although she is a wonderful woman, this is not the best vehicle for her.

Another person said, “The BAFTAS hosts, sorry but so embarrassing. Alison Hammond, WHY do you ask? I’m sorry, but Richard E. Grant is not for you.

While some criticized her presenting approach, others demanded that the anchor of This Morning have her discussion show!

The brilliant combo of hosts Richard E. Grant and Alison Hammond is enough to ensure a good time at this year’s illustrious event. All Quiet on the Western Front, a German drama directed by Edward Berger, has received an astonishing 14 nominations. Paul Mescal is up for his second Bafta, and Michelle Yeoh and Cate Blanchett compete for best actress.

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