Alex Edler's knee-on-knee with McDavid was still unpunished.

Alex Edler’s knee-on-knee with McDavid was still unpunished.

Los Angeles King’s defense person Alex Elders hit Conor McDavid, the captain of the Edmonton Oilers, in yesterday’s match. The NHL authority still did not punish Edler after that questionable hit.

The melee happened in the second period when Oiler’s captain, McDavid, endeavored to break the puck into the LA King’s zone as Edler moved forward from the blue line. The hotshot ahead was sandwiched between Edler and Jaret Anderson-Dolan. The last option conveyed a sketchy hit on Edmonton Oiler’s captain, getting him with a knee. The occurrence provoked Darnell’s Medical attendant to drop the gloves and pursue Edler.

The Oilers’ defenceman, Alex Edler, was surveyed a twofold minor for roughing on the play, and he has inflicted a penalty on roughing and kneeing minors.

Conor McDavid stayed calm after the incident and kept playing the contest unharmed. Even the Oiler’s captain was penalized later in that same period for cross-checking Edler.

I don’t really have anything to add, that’s all.“- McDavid said about the incident.

Zach Hyman, a teammate of McDavid, expressed his disappointment on Edler’s hit -“Obviously, I didn’t like the hit. I don’t know if he’s doing it intentionally or whatnot, but you just can’t do that.”

Jay Woodcroft, the head coach of Edmonton Oiler, accepts the NHL league will investigate the hit thinking about Edler’s suspension history. However, Daily Faceoff’s Frank Seravalli isn’t anticipating that that should be the situation.

Edmonton Oilers had to face a 3-1 defeat to the Los Angeles Kings in that match. The Oilers will get their opportunity at compensation when they play against the LA Kings next in Los Angeles on 9 Jan 2023.

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