Alex Antic's ABC 'grooming' comments condemned as "offensive."

Alex Antic’s ABC ‘grooming’ comments condemned as “offensive.”

Liberal Senator Alex Antic Liberal has blamed the ABC for “grooming children” and permitting workers to “run rogue” through social media and, on occasion, tumultuous Senate estimates hearing.

In a peculiar assault, Antic alleged the ABC for “grooming” Australian kids over a show that highlighted Act perusing from a youngsters’ book on Play School, about a young lady who isn’t happy breaking dresses and finds down she loves to wear pants.

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On Tuesday, Senator Antic questioned at a Senate hearing,” Why is ABC grooming children with this sort of adult content?”

The Green’s Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said Antic’s comment was “deeply offensive” to many, specifically sexual assault victims.

About Antic’s use of the term ‘grooming,’ Sarah said,” Grooming is a really serious matter. It is not for being played with by conservative senators to make headlines.”

Antic kept questioning and asked ABC,” Let me ask you this, does ABC agree that transgender or cross-dressing are adult concepts?” … “What percentage of Australian children are getting ready to by people dressed like this, men dressed like this?’ before questioning ABC on its “so-called diverse workforce.”

David Anderson, managing director of ABC, denied the acquisition of Senator Alex Antic. Anderson said, “we are not grooming Australian children.” “What we are doing, that is about dressing up,” he continued.

During the Senate hearing, Liberal representative Sarah Henderson claimed that the social media strategy of ABC was “broken” after Four Corners journalist Louise Milligan and radio producer Katie Hamann live-tweeted their reactions to Henderson’s cases in the Senate.

ABC defended them by saying to the Guardian Australia that this acquisition was mistaken. RN Drive, which produces 95 minutes of current issues daily, has four makers and two works to share.

LGBTQIA supporters and social media users highly condemn liberal Senator Antic. They also demanded Antic’s apology.

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