Albert Olmstead

Albert Olmstead Net Worth: Biography, Childhood, Family, Personal Life

Albert Olmstead(Cobra Kai)

(born 1982- died 2021)

Albert Olmstead was a famous American electrician, technician, crew member, cameraman, makeup artist, and entrepreneur from Augusta, Georgia, United States. He worked as a bartender at a bar called Skycity at an early age while he completed his graduation from Augusta State University.

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Career: Albert Olmstead

Albert was famous in the entertainment industry for his skillful work. His work was primarily backstage as he was a crew member, but his hard work and management were vouched for.

He’s worked on various film sets like Baby Driver, The Walking Dead, Black Lightning, etc.

Albert has been given a lot of love and collected fame for his recent work on Netflix, a series called Cobra Kai. Cobra Kai became popular, reaching mass audiences worldwide. According to deets, series season 4, episode 7, was entirely dedicated to Albert Olmstead after his death.

Unfortunately, Olmstead only had a short span of life. He died on July 19, 2021, at the age of 39. It was informed that he died while repairing a leak in the basement at home when the wall suddenly collapsed and fell on him; unfortunately, he couldn’t make it to life.

Albert Olmstead


Albert was a part of a joint family, according to reports. His father, Larry Olmstead, is an American. While his mom Imelda Olmstead is a Filipino. He was raised with two siblings, a brother, and a sister.

According to media sources, Albert had been married to Que Olmstead since July 4, 2018. His Facebook profile showcases that he was a complete family man and loved to spend time with his loved ones. It is sad, that he had to leave the world so early.

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