a Node.js development environment in the browser

Stackblitz recently released a new product called WebContainers that allows developers to work with full stack Node.js environments in the browser. WebContainers was created in collaboration with Next.js and Google. It leverages the latest features of WebAssembly and WASI (or WebAssembly System Interface) and Web APIs to create a container capable of running Node.js from the browser.

WebContainers wants to be a remedy for the following disadvantages:

Running a remote container can be time consuming Running on a remote machine costs money Remote execution does not support working offline Sending code to a server is a potential security issue

According to StackBlitz, the WebContainers environment loads in milliseconds. It includes Visual Studio Code, full terminal, NPM, etc.

The fact that WebContainers runs entirely in the browser brings, according to StackBlitz, key advantages, namely:

Builds complete up to 20% faster and package installs complete> = 5x faster than yarn / npm Seamless integration with Chrome DevTools enables native back-end debugging, no installs or extensions All code execution occurs inside the browser security sandbox, not on remote virtual machines or local binaries.

Site: stackblitz.com

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