A few days later, the longest lunar eclipse of the century

On November 19, the earth will be between the moon and the sun for a few hours. This will cause the shadow of the earth to fall on the lunar surface under the influence of sunlight. The moon will cover almost the whole of that shadow.

According to the US space agency NASA, Bangladesh will be deprived of 98% of the visible light of the moon around 2.30 pm. It is called partial lunar eclipse as it is not 100% covered. At that time the moon will be reddish. And at the end of the Pinambral lunar eclipse can be seen from Bangladesh.

Lunar eclipses can only be seen if the position of the moon is above the horizon. From that point of view, the whole of this adoption can be seen from the North American countries. NDTV reports that the eclipse will also be visible in Australia, East Asia, Northern Europe and the Pacific.

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the longest lunar eclipse of the century

According to Time and Date.com, the November 19 Pinambral lunar eclipse will be observed from almost all parts of Bangladesh. At this stage of the eclipse, the moon is not in the shadow of the earth but in the shadow. And not as