NFT gaming is one of 2022’s biggest trends. It’s blending video games with finance, or GameFi, as players call it. NFT games are a stepping stone, that allow players to earn money as they play. These games use unique digital collectibles on the blockchain.

1) Players control the game

Players are used to purchasing games & game items with small transactions. But NFTs give more power to players. It allows them to sell products & receive a percentage from future resales.

NFT gaming will add value2) NFT gaming will add value

NFT gaming will unlock & add value to the game-playing experience. It is something if a player is putting their value into the game. It only makes sense; they can take this value out of the game. Using NFTs means players can be the sole owner of an in-game item and then choose to trade. There have been games where gamers play & earn, but NFTs are more secure & flexible.


3) Play to earn games will be huge

Play-to-earn games are leading the way ahead. Many play-to-earn games share similarities with non-NFT titles such as Pokemon & Stardew valley; there are rumors that some are backdoor blockchains; gameplay comes second to trading cryptocurrency. Some players can earn a living from these games.

Play to earn games will be huge

4) Interoperability

NFT collections can be used across many or all games. NFT’s allow players to take ownership of in-game items out of the hands of the game developer/publisher. Therefore, items bought & earned on the NFT blockchain can be used across games.

5) Games will lead to the metaverse

Metaverse will be spread across many platforms. Games will be one big part of the metaverse, and NFT will be the glue to link them to other parts of our connected digital world. Video games will be the heart of the metaverse, fusing fashion, music, art & events.


6) It will mix the real & virtual worlds.

NFTs are a unique way of bridging the gap between the physical & digital worlds. In future events, clothes & other items will be extracted from games and made physical. Digital wearable in-games will go up in value as scarcity is created.

7) Game collectibles will be enhanced

Collecting game items & rare collectible is second nature to players. Buying a piece of gaming history, game art, or music is very appealing to gamers. Major game publishers are exploring NFTs in this.

NFT's the next Kickstarter

8) NFT’s the next Kickstarter

Kickstarter has been helping gaming enthusiasts a chance to help launch games for some time. GameStarter, an NFT platform, allows indie developers to fund their games by offering pre-sale, in-game items as NFT. GameStarter is heading towards a future where players can become investors & own a portion of a game as NFT.

9) Greater Rewards for Fans

NFT’s in games can act as gateways to get players closer to the teams behind the biggest games. The players purchasing a game NFT can give exclusive invites to in-game events.

Games will lead to the metaverse

10) Reinventing Fitness games

The idea behind move-to-earn games. The first to get into this is StepN; it rewards its players with NFT badges as they hit step’s goal, like Couch to 5k for cash rewards. Imagine earning money from NFTs as you sweat.

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