World War II Revisited in New Upcoming MMO, Enlisted

Medal of Honor and Call of Duty are franchises that come to mind when players think about World War II. Enlisted by Gaijin Entertainment intends to join those ranks in an MMO-style FPS. The question is, what will make Enlisted stand out among a group of very well-known franchises?

Through the woods. Photo Credit: Gaijin Entertainment
Through the woods. Photo Credit: Gaijin Entertainment

While the Medal of Honor games were a bit before massively multiplayer online games, as were the early on Call of Duty title. These franchises wrote the book on what a war game should be; especially a World War II game. Call of Duty covered the European aspect of the war, while Medal of Honor visited both the European and the Pacific. Both franchises moved away from the era eventually, moving forward while others, like Battlefield 1, decided to look further into the past. It’s been quite a while since mainstream gaming has seen a solid World War II game.

Standing Out

Enlisted, currently in the crowd-funding process, will be an MMO First Person Shooter, much like Medal of Honor and Call of Duty. So what will set this game apart from those world known titles? It will have to have a new angle on gameplay or a new aspect to draw attention. According to the website,, the game intends to cover battles in more detail by making each its own game. This will bring a larger focus to each battle, and will require historically accurate research that perhaps MOH and COD didn’t have to do in the past.

Storming the beaches of Normandy. Photo Credit Gaijin Entertainment
Storming the beaches of Normandy. Photo Credit Gaijin Entertainment

Storming Normandy, on the road to Russia

What’s the first battle they intend to do?  D-Day. Normandy. This is a huge feat to undertake, especially as it is the most well-known battle in the entire war. To dedicate an entire game to this will not be easy. The teaser that has been released doesn’t show much, but it does look like Gaijin Entertainment is dedicated to making a good looking and hopefully historically accurate game.

After Normandy, Gaijin has already announced that they will tackle the Battle of Moscow. The developers also intend to visit the battles in Tunisia, a branch of the war that is often forgotten. After that, though, they intend to let their backers pick the next campaign. With goals set at 500,000 is when they will let backers from the crowd-funding pick. If they can reach 1,000,000, they intend to release the game on consoles.

Fan Concerns

One of the big questions fans interested in this title have are, “will there be private servers for matchmaking?” Gaijin stated they do intend to make something along the lines for private matches, but it is not top on their priorities at the moment. Enlisted aims to be more realistic and less of a “sports game” as Gaijin Entertainment states in the FAQ about the game. “We want to not only create arenas for a 15×15-30X30 in team fight, but create scenarios that have tactics similar to real combat missions,” Gaijin states when asked what will make the game different. It will be interesting to see how close to their goals they actually get.

Muzzle flash in battle. Photo Credit: Gaijin Entertainment
Muzzle flash in battle. Photo Credit: Gaijin Entertainment

The look of Enlisted is very good, the art is well done and very realistic. Working with Darkflow Software, this game has high potential to be extremely impressive and memorable. Based on what there is so far, we may have a promising World War II game on the horizon in 2017.

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