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Why A Mass Effect Remaster Needs to Happen Right Now
Mass Effect

Why A Mass Effect Remaster Needs To Happen

Uninhabited planets, different alien species, love interests, an engrossing story and one heck of a hero. No, these aren’t the broken promises of No Man’s Sky but rather some of the key elements of one of last generation’s biggest and most important franchises, Mass Effect.

Once the new year hits, the studio will be (hopefully) releasing the Mass Effect: Andromeda in Q1.

Andromeda will be the first of a new Mass Effect series for the current console generation.

And with how popular the original trilogy was on the previous concert generation, it seems logical for Bioware and EA to follow the trend of remasters and release a revamped collection of the first three games. So why re-release the games? There are a few factors in play that  Bioware and EA will hopefully consider when contemplating a Mass Effect remake.

A Long Time Ago in a Mass Effect Galaxy…

Want to feel old? It’s been nine years since the original Mass Effect came out and players were introduced to the adventures of Commander Shepard. Players in their early 20’s were probably too young to play the original game as they would have been in either high school or junior high.

What better time to reintroduce the series to a new generation than the present?

Sure, the collection would probably come out after the first game in the Andromeda trilogy but it would give players an opportunity to experience these three games for the first time. If Mass Effect is, in fact, the Star Wars of video games, then why not treat it like Star Wars and give it the Special Edition re-release treatment?

Aside from that, there could be some perks for the new games if you play the remaster. The game could offer alternate powers or various other items and unlockables.

A Nostalgic Walk Around the Normandy

The only reason to hold onto that Xbox 360 or PS3 is to play those old games you love, right? Well, if a remastered trilogy comes out, what better reason to finally do away with that old dusty console?

Sure, these games are out on PC but for some, that is not a viable option as they may not have a rig that can play games or they may just not be a PC gamer. For those who just want to take another ride through the Omega-4 Relay or buy some fake fish at the Presidium, the idea of one package having all three games with all the DLC is too tempting to pass up. Mass Effect

Forget which decisions you made the first time? Or just want to play as a paragon instead of a renegade, or vice versa?

Another playthrough with revamped graphics at 60 FPS in 1080P (or 4K?) would be enough for most to pay $60. Nostalgia seems to be at an all-time high right now.

Uncharted and Halo are getting HD remasters and the original Nintendo system is getting a re-release. Mass Effect seems like the next logical choice to come out.

Also, for Xbox players, how nice would it be to never see that annoying Insert Disc 1 or 2 message?

I Should Go

Commander Shepard is one of the best heroes in video game history. With strong performances by Mark Meer and especially Jennifer Hale, Shepard proved to be one of the most well-written characters of last generation.

Master Chief, Nathan Drake, Ezio Auditore and even Batman are getting remasters. Shepard would be the next logical character to get the same treatment.

EA has said they want to continue making original IP’s and not focusing on the past despite yearly releases with Madden, FIFA, and NHL. Regardless of this philosophy, Mass Effect is something special. There’s no other game out there like it.

Sure, there are RPG’s but nothing like the epic, sprawling space opera of Mass Effect. Shepard is an ultimate hero and before he/she rides off into the sunset, should get one last curtain call.

Jordan Wickstrom
Writer, Gamer, Vinyl Collector, Sports Fan, I'm all over the place. Currently writing for Fansided as well as the excellent Two Left Sticks. Love being able to write about so many interests. Find me a blog about vinyl collecting and I'll be golden!

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