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With Square Enix, Marvel's Gaming Comeback Continues - Two Left Sticks

With Square Enix, Marvel’s Gaming Comeback Continues

A new age is upon us, one which may have infinite possibilities.  In the last year, Marvel has begun a resurgence in the gaming sector. And now Marvel joined forces with Square Enix to provide a new series of games for consoles. This new partnership will see Earth’s mightiest heroes, the Avengers, return to the world of video games.

Reassembling the Brand

It seems Marvel will be teaming up with Square Enix to produce multiple games based on the Avengers. Announced through a brief, but impactful trailer, this partnership is just the latest in Marvel’s renewed reentry into gaming. Players will have to wait until 2018 for more info on this new venture, which may seem like an eternity. However premature the announcement was, it does signify Marvel’s continued efforts to expand their brand into gaming.

After letting their licenses languish with publishers such as Activision, Marvel is taking direct ownership without limiting their own potential.  Say what you will about Square Enix, the fact remains that Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix Montreal have put out high-quality titles for the past couple of years. It’s through these new partnerships that Marvel is slowly rebuilding their brand as a provider of games, much like how they slowly rebuilt, and proved themselves, as a purveyor of exciting films over the past decade.

A Potential Resurgence

Despite not seeing the results of Marvel’s new gaming partnerships, it’s likely that they’ll be impactful.  With the gaming space devoid of major licensed games, a resurgence could soon occur in the games industry similar to the comic book movement that swept the film industry. 

There’s massive untapped potential in certain properties, especially those of comic book/film competitor DC.  Warner Bros. may be keen to reinvigorate their gaming efforts despite the cancellation of the unannounced Suicide Squad game.  Outside of Injustice 2 and an unannounced Batman game starring Damian Wayne, WB Games doesn’t have much in the pipeline. Marvel’s recent gaming efforts could spark a bit of competition which ultimately would be beneficial for everyone.

Avengers Assemble

The most interesting element of Marvel’s Avengers announcement is who’s developing the project.  After developing two installments in the new Tomb Raider franchise, Crystal Dynamics could be moving onto Avengers permanently.

After Rise of the Tomb Raider’s mixed reception, Square Enix may possibly be shifting Crystal Dynamics to the Avengers.  This especially seems likely considering the rumor that Eidos Montreal is handling the third Tomb Raider game.  What’s even more interesting is whether or not recent Crystal Dynamics game director Ian Milham, who oversaw the Dead Space franchise, will be lending his talents to the Avengers projects.

Dreams Fulfilled

Just like the reveal of Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4, Marvel is finally realizing the tremendous potential their properties have for gaming.  With the Avengers now in play, and Guardians of the Galaxy at Telltale, one has to wonder what may be next. 

Ian Fisher
A Chicago native, I'm a six year veteran of the game press industry with a deep passion for smaller indie games and all things Sony.

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