Will Price and Accessories Make Up for Switch’s Possible Power Woes?

The Nintendo Switch is still kind of a mystery, but slowly Nintendo is revealing that mystery. Official details will come on January 12, but it seems that with a recent leak we have a price and accessories that sound interesting. But are a moderate price point and an array of accessories enough to make gamers forget about the possible power issues?

Compact Play Stand. Photo Credit: Nintendo/HORI
Compact Play Stand. Photo Credit: Nintendo/HORI

Is it Worth It?

The price for the Nintendo Switch was leaked this morning on Reddit, based on a listing at Best Buy, and was later confirmed by the mods on r/Nintendo Switch. The console, with a current place-holder name of “Nintendo N2,” is apparently going to be priced at $249.99. For context, the launch price of the PlayStation 4 was $399.99, the Xbox One launched at $499.99 – Kinect included. Nintendo’s last console, the Wii U, launched at $300.

That’s a fairly reasonable price for a new console, especially one that Nintendo wants to be a handheld and home-based unit. Is it enough to get gamers to look past the possible flaws, though? Rumors of an underwhelming battery life and power may turn some consumers off. This price tag could definitely make more people giving the console a serious look.

Ergonomic Controller. Photo Credit: Nintendo/HORI
Ergonomic Controller. Photo Credit: Nintendo/HORI

Options and Accessories

More Switch leaks came into today as well, concerning accessories for the console.  A booklet from HORI surfaced this afternoon and it contains over fifteen apparently planned accessories. In the booklet are different items like Legend of Zelda skins, controller cases, and even a car charger.

The most interesting accessory is the ergonomic controller. It looks similar to a wired Xbox controller and looks comfortable to hold. According to the booklet, it will be EUR 29.99, approximately $32.00 US. The “Real Arcade Pro” controller caught a lot of attention as well. It resembles what you would find on old arcade cabinets, and looks pretty fun. Though this accessory will apparently be EUR 149.99, or approximately $158 US.

With this nice price point and all the bells and whistles, will more gamers give the console a chance? Giving gamers options is always a good idea, so having this many options out the gate is interesting.

Some details have revealed important info about the console. Based on the USB to Ethernet adapter in the booklet, it won’t have an Ethernet port, just like the Wii U. The Switch will use game cartilages, and we get an idea of their size from a carrying case that can hold up to 24.  With Nintendo looking ahead to make sure that anything and everything a gamer might want is already in the works, this has the potential to sway some.

Switch Skins. Photo Credit: Nintendo/HORI
Switch skins. Photo Credit: Nintendo/HORI

Pros and Cons

Are the Switch’s affordable price point and varied accessories enough to make some gamers give it a shot? Nintendo’s goals with the Switch are lofty. To basically marry the Wii U and Nintendo DS – that’s very ambitious. Like many gamers, I’m still on the fence. But I’m starting to come off it just a little. . But for those of us set in our PlayStation and Xbox ways, is the Switch too different or not different enough? For about $250 and with items to make it more flexible and interesting, things could be looking up.

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