Holiday Sales Offer Second Chance to Overlooked Games

Steam and Xbox are both celebrating the holiday season with their biggest sales launching on December 22. The sales should represent AAA titles and indie games alike. This year -particularly this fall – was flush with quality games. But some quality games floundered at release, due to a number of factors. This is the best time for gamers to find games they might have hesitated to buy or completely ignored.

Some games always fall by the wayside while others flood the market. This year many big titles experienced this, either due to lack of advertising or poor timing. While gamers may have missed them the first time around, these huge sales give some of them a second chance.

What to Look Out For

Titanfall 2. Photo Credit: Respawn Entertainment

The few who played Titanfall 2 loved it, and critics spoke highly of it as well. It was released around the time as EA’s other huge shooter, Battlefield 1, and under-advertised. Titanfall 2 will most likely be on both Steam and Xbox’s sales.

In addition to Titanfall 2, Mafia III could find new life through these sales. This is another game considered underrated by many this year. Media outlets like IGN and WhatCulture considered Mafia III good despite some issues with the game. With a discount, it’s likely that most gamers will consider giving Mafia III a chance.

Other games that may benefit from this boost are Batman: The Telltale Series, Gears of War 4 (Xbox Only), and Watchdogs 2. Despite fair reviews, these games have gone unnoticed. Smaller games should benefit as well, such as the indie gems Owlboy, We Happy Few, and Super Hot.

Owlboy. Photo Credit: D-Pad Games
Owlboy. Photo Credit: D-Pad Games

What To Expect

Recently PayPal UK announced the date for Steam’s Winter Sale in a tweet. Gamers have been debating over what might be available ever since. If recent daily deals are anything to go off of, Steam will focus on indie titles such as Papers Please and Turmoil. On top of helping AAA titles, these sales give indie games a chance to reach those who might have overlooked them before.

This year will also see the biggest sale ever for Xbox. Starting on the same date, December 22, Xbox’s sale will include Xbox Gold deals as well as movies and TV shows. Gamers can expect many recent releases in the 350 items that are a part of Xbox’s massive sale.

In the video reveal for Xbox’s big sale, games that were shown include Dead Rising 4 and Call of Duty: Infinte Warfare, two titles that gamers also paid little attention to, as well as successful games like Skyrim: Special Edition. With these sales, gamers can have the chance to try them for less than listed price.  Perhaps gamers are wising up and waiting for sales to try games instead of pre-ordering.

Dead Rising 4. Photo Credit: Capcom Vancouver
Dead Rising 4. Photo Credit: Capcom Vancouver

Smart to Wait

Games are expensive. Many gamers are now waiting almost a year to try a game out. One thing that may cause gamers to wait would be the new tradition of day one patches on newly released games.  Some gamers are tired of paying for an unfinished or glitch-ridden product.  Sometimes it’s best to wait and see rather than face what may be a frustrating experience. Patience – or frugality as the case may be – can pay off, as some games that have season passes or DLC may offer them for less as well.  As much as I love Destiny, forking out around $40 for an expansion can get extremely pricey very fast.

Many gamers are chomping at the bit for the sales to start, but luckily the sales won’t last just one day.  The Steam sale will last until January 2 at 10:10 a.m. PT, launching at 9:50a.m. PT on December 22.  Xbox’s sale will last until January 9 with no official ending time listed. Expect great things in these sales, and spend wisely.  Xbox will release daily deals throughout their sale.  So if something you’ve wanted hasn’t shown up yet, keep an eye out.


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