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Final Fantasy XV: The Gold Standard in DLC - Two Left Sticks

Final Fantasy XV: The Gold Standard in DLC

Final Fantasy XV is no doubt a commercial and critical success and with most good games nowadays, Square-Enix is not yet finished giving players more to experience. FF XV director, Hajime Tabata lays out the roadmap for the title’s future. Alongside the previously announced season pass, the game will also receive multiple free content updates to make the entry stronger. This commitment to content will greatly benefit those already invested in the adventure and for those still looking to take the plunge.

The earliest of updates focuses on content surrounding Chapter 13 of the game including additional quests and gameplay balances. After completing these improvements, Square-Enix will delve deeper into characters’ motivations and developments to flesh out the story further.

Somewhere down the line, the FF XV development team hopes to bring in new bosses, limited-time hunts, customizable avatars, and even new playable characters. Tabata’s team is looking into every detail, right down to adjustable font sizes.

Expanding an Already Incredible Experience

Final Fantasy XV is full to the brim with content. The roadmap is vast and every environment is teeming with life and quests to complete. Adding more content will make Final Fantasy XV an even more viable option for consumers. One of the main focuses of Final Fantasy XV is the interaction between the main characters. Adding more quests and opportunities for development will make the adventure even more astounding and intimate.

There are some that feel duped for purchasing and playing through Final Fantasy XV early on. It’s as if the game is still in development. However, that’s not the fairest of arguments. There’s nothing wrong with developers wishing to put even more into their project. Square-Enix is listening to player feedback and changing the game accordingly. FF XV was complete at release, but there is always an opportunity for improvement. The folks over at Square-Enix just want to take that opportunity to make their experience even greater. These updates aren’t locked behind a paywall; they are free for everyone.

Flying Regalia
Post-game content, like a New Game Plus feature, would add an increased amount of replayability for FF XV.

You Can Never Have Too Much of a Good Thing

The massively successful first-person shooter DOOM follows a similar roadmap as FF XV. The aptly named and recently announced Free Update 5 adds a variety of new game modes without players needing to spend an extra dime. These free updates combined with the paid Season Pass DLC gives players more toys to play with. It’s up to the consumer to decide if they want to go all in. The last DLC pack, Bloodfall, released on December 15. It will be interesting to see if id Software continues to support DOOM beyond its Season Pass’ lifespan.

Multiplayer additions and SnapMap upgrades headline Free Update 5.

The most recent installment in Microsoft’s flagship franchise, Halo 5: Guardians, has a history of doling out free content as well. Most recently, 343 Studios announced the Monitor’s Bounty expansion. This update adds a variety of new modes, weapons, and cosmetic items to the massive roster already available. This title makes its money in a different way, through paid “REQ Packs” that unlock weapons and cosmetic items. No season passes here, but it is possible to spend over $100 at once on REQ Packs.

Halo 5: Guardians continues to receive new maps, weapons, and armor a year after release.

It is great to see FF XV follow suit in regards to free supportive content. While these examples of content additions do not add to the story, they certainly paved the way for modern titles.

Where To Next, Noct?

The royal crew’s road trip doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. Square-Enix plans to release six paid DLC updates through the game’s Season Pass. The Holiday Pack, the first piece of DLC, released back in December with Season Pass holders receiving an enhanced edition. New Game + was freely added at the same time to give players the ability to re-experience the story with their equipment and level from a previous playthrough.

Director Tabata promises to disclose more details about all of these updates in the near future. There’s no telling if players will receive all of these planned updates, so in the meantime, go out and explore!

Austyn Roney
Austyn James Roney has been learning the ways of the keys as he journeys into becoming a true online journalist. He enjoys fighting and role playing games the most but appreciates all genres. Its all about the characters!!

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