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Entitlement Within Players - Two Left Sticks

Entitlement Within Players

As always, the world of video games is an interesting one. With Nintendo trolling players with the NX and new games on the horizon, things are crazy as ever on the hype and expectations front. But with that excitement comes a certain fervor that borders on the absurd. Essentially, what the games industry is facing now is an entitlement problem within players. For as dedicated players can be, they can also be extremely childish. Now that’s not to say everyone that enjoys gaming has a bad attitude, but in recent months there seems to be a growing issue with players making absurd demands or thinking the industry revolves solely around them as an individual.

One source for complaints from players is game delays.  Disappointment is, of course, understandable when delays come out of nowhere.  Players though have acted as if their lives are over when FFXV, The Last Guardian, and Cuphead received delays.  Waiting an additional month or two for a game isn’t a big problem, but for players on sites such as Reddit, Twitter, or NeoGAF, that seems to be too much for them.

Final Fantasy XV

On top of the bemoaning regarding delays, there also seems to be a distinct lack of care for the actual developers themselves. Some people look up to developers and care about them, given how they’re responsible for games they love. However, there seems to be a growing portion of the community which regards the feelings or situations of developers as nothing; almost perceiving them as soulless robots that produce games on a manufacturing line.

With statements criticizing Amy Hennig’s comments on triple-A game development, it’s no wonder why some developers watch what they say. It’s either that or a situation will happen similar to the Phil Fish one in which he went on a sabbatical from development due to unruly “fans”.


The entitlement and attitudes over video games are getting petty at this stage. Perhaps this is merely a sign of the growing generation gap within the industry.  For people who have been gaming since the 1990s a new wave is being ushered in – YouTube personalities. Forced to voice their opinion on everything, since that’s how they earn a living, some YouTube personalities are fueled by complaining. We’re also in an era in which players have been reared on Twitter and Facebook, thus it’s part of their nature to make their views, however small, known instantaneously. So things are definitely shifting within the industry, though it’s not in a way that is entirely healthy.

There does seem to be a growing case of players/consumers exhibiting a sense of “what does it do for me?” or “that isn’t what I wanted” no matter what the situation is. If a game trailer doesn’t hit the fancy of a particular player then it’s DOA to them.  Some players also share a sentiment of hoping a game fails at retail.  Is it cool for a game to fail at retail? Unless it entirely warrants it through being a buggy mess, the ultimate answer is no.

Complaints about game costs, length, and even resolution are things that players moan about endlessly.  On top of that, it seems like players simply want whatever THEY directly want as if they’re the sole consumer.  Consumers should voice their opinions since that’s their right. Still, despite voicing an opinion some players still have a huge sense of entitlement within them.  There’s a lack of care in players over what may have been right for a pub/dev to do and what was actually feasible. If players cared about the industry they wouldn’t act so entitled when a game is delayed by a few weeks.

Is giving a publisher or developer a hard time a good thing during some situations?  Dishing it out can be beneficial occasionally since it brings a stop to half-baked titles or features. There are people who say that it’s fine to bash a developer or publisher since they’re the ones who “pay the bills” by buying a game or DLC. That’s not a healthy outlook on things since it simply promotes a sense of resentment. That attitude could result in a developer or even a publisher caring less about fans if sales are profitable enough.

Will certain elements of gaming culture as a whole begin to actually mature as the years progress? Or will players continue to act like a petulant child that cries over anything when it doesn’t get its way? It’s too hard to tell for sure considering how fluid and unexpected the industry can be these days. There’s not much to do now other than hope for the best when bouts of entitlement sprout forth from players.

Ian Fisher
A Chicago native, I'm a six year veteran of the game press industry with a deep passion for smaller indie games and all things Sony.

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