Destiny 2 Has to Leave The Original Behind

Destiny’s Quest to Break New Ground

New reports are stating that Destiny’s highly-anticipated sequel is going to change the game’s formula in a big way. According to these reports, players will be unable to carry over characters, equipment, and progress from the original title. This proves unfortunate for those who have spent countless hours upgrading and customizing their personal characters.

According to NeoGAF user, shinobi602, a reputable “leaker”, “Major changes to the engine are occurring”. The rendering tools are free from the limitations of last generation’s technologies. The original system was ambitious by design and did its best within its content restrictions. Current consoles have yet to reach their full capabilities, however. There’s no telling how intricate the game might become now that its not tethered to the devices of the past. There is also word that the game will release on PC, allowing for truly unlimited potential.

There’s still hope that previous content will be represented in the sequel in some way. Destructoid reports that Bungie may revisit older worlds and characters “in the context of Destiny 2’s story.” This is great news for heavily invested players that appreciate the mythos that the original Destiny has created. Things may appear a little different, but they won’t be entirely forgotten.

Destiny Rise of Iron Screenshot
Destiny’s final expansion, Rise of Iron, released exclusively on current-generation hardware. This allowed Bungie to delve into new resources otherwise restricted due to last-gen limitations.

The Guardians Depart for a New World

Destiny 2 will introduce “play-in destinations”, new hub-worlds that are large planet areas densely populated with characters and missions. This new method of exploration will allow players to better appreciate the worlds that they visit, especially when compared to the small hub-areas in the original title.

Saturn is one of the “play-in destinations” reported for the new title. The location will be “bigger than all of the playspaces currently implemented in the game combined.” Bungie’s attention to detail will allow for more vibrant experiences thanks to the larger canvas it has to work with.

There are also plans to make the activity selection process more streamlined. Normally, players would first need to leave the hub-area and wait through multiple menus until the action could begin. This caused lengthy wait times that took the players out of the action. Now, players will continue to have control of their characters after selecting an activity. This will allow for extended periods of exploration. Waiting in line has never been more bearable.

These upgrades are going to benefit the series immensely. The original Destiny’s planets were beautifully designed, but lacked the depth necessary to add to their character. The developer worked as hard as they could to ensure that the experience would feel complete across all platforms, but now Bungie can focus on the future.

Destiny 2's larger areas will allow players to explore rich detailed environments in new ways. Each playspace is meant to have its own unique environment and population.
Destiny 2’s larger areas will reportedly allow players to explore rich detailed environments in new ways. Each “play-in destination” will have its own unique environment and population.

The End is Only the Beginning

It is strategically necessary for Bungie to move away from the original game. General opinion has improved significantly, but Bungie needs to move forward confidently in order to establish the franchise as a major player in the current generation.

Disappointed longtime players should not lose hope. There is so much more to experience within the Destiny universe. The departure from the original will make way for greater experiences that are not tied down to an antiquated framework. The passion for the original title is what made it stand out among its competitors. Players that carry on their passion to the sequel will likely find just as much entertainment, if not more, thanks to the massive revisions to the game.

Those that are new to Destiny will be able to join the experience without fear of facing heavy-leveled behemoths who carried over progress from the original. The experience will be new to everyone, so no one will be at a major disadvantage. The promise of an entirely new game will also allow the franchise to pick up any players that it may have lost during its eventual three year lifespan. The battlefield will be balanced and the solar system will be ripe with exploration.

Destiny 2 will be bigger, better, and brighter than the original in nearly every way. Bungie knows how to build a franchise, it just needs the opportunity to learn and grow within their new universe. The developer has the resources, now all it needs is the time to truly implement its ideas.

The adventures of the Guardians will continue on in Destiny 2. Hopefully the title will embrace its vision and become something truly legendary.
The adventures of the Guardians will continue on in Destiny 2. Hopefully the title will embrace its vision and become something truly legendary.

To Earn its Rightful Place Among the Stars

The original Destiny is among the most divisive releases in recent history. Bungie’s successor to its massively praised Halo franchise was meant exhibit everything that the company stood for: space exploration, solid gameplay, and innovation.

Destiny fell short of Bungie’s complete vision due to last-generation console restrictions, but it was born to be a franchise. The first entry was a huge experiment for Bungie. With every update and expansion, the developer learned new methods for crafting their intended experience. Now that the developer has learned what works, it can take its knowledge and apply it to a massive sequel in every definition of the word.

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