What We Do:

  • Angles/Commentary/Reaction: 
    • If it is published here, it will have a spin. If we are covering the news, we are reacting to the news, placing it in context, and discussing the impact it could have on other areas of gaming.
  • Speculation:
    • What could the latest game’s unannounced DLC cover? What features could the newest piece of hardware have? Will this title be well-received? Every now and then, we here at Two Left Sticks will break out the crystal ball to see just how much of the future we can get right!
  • Opinion:
    • Two Left Sticks gives writers a platform to voice their opinions about the industry’s latest.
  • Long Form:
    • Tracking the history of a long-running franchise, deep diving into a game’s development, or — we don’t want to shy away from the topics that may require a few more than 1,200 words to cover.
  • Podcasts:
    • Our podcast, Player 3 Podcast  pre-dates the site by about two years. It’s a weekly show of shenanigans, opinions, and sometimes difficult would you rather questions. Find us on YouTube, iTunes, and other podcast services.
  • Reviews:
    • When timely and appropriate, we will review games. They will not be scored, instead they will be written and structured in such a way that you can easily find our take on the aspects of the game you find most important.

What We Don’t Do:

  • Cover the News:
    • We talk about the news, react to the news, and let the latest happenings in the world of gaming influence the content that we push, but you won’t find 300 word write-ups where we copy and paste a press release. Plenty of places do that, and are far more equipped to do it well!
  • Clickbait:
    • The title of the article will ALWAYS reflect the content of the article.
  • Excessive use of multiple pages per article:
    • Sure, ad revenue is important, but what is more important is that our content is accessible and enjoyable to navigate. We value the fact you clicked on a link once, we don’t want you to have to keep on clicking.
  • Review Scores:
    • It may be the trendy thing to say, but there is no greater exercise in reducitonism than tacking on a number score to summarize the hours a reviewer has spent playing a game.



Staff Writers:

Video Team:

  • Jonathan “Zephyrbaby” Robertson

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TLS is not interested in ghostwriting sponsored material. We will not respond to inquiries asking us to place content on our page to link to outside clients.

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